Landscape Lighting can enhance your home's beauty and usability, and many people choose to tackle this as a DIY home improvement Project. However, there are many benefits to hiring a professional Landscape Lighting designer instead of attempting such a Project on your own. A professional outdoor Lighting designer can offer greater variety in design, customizing a plan to perfectly illuminate your property, as well as a higher level of technical experience.


Creating a good outdoor Lighting plan is not as simple as buying a few flood lights and scattering them around your yard. Different bulbs and fixtures each create a different effect, and placement is critical. A professional Lighting designer knows how to place the fixtures in the most effective layout to highlight your home's best features. A professional will illuminate your property to improve usability without simply flooding the yard with light.

Though it is certainly possible to install Lighting fixtures on your own, it can be a very complicated and tricky process. You'll need the Lighting fixtures, cables, transformers, splices, connectors, etc. You'll need to dig up ground to run cables without interfering with your landscaping. A professional Landscape Lighting designer has experience with these issues, and knows how to choose the right products and install them properly.


If you accidentally snap a cable while digging in your garden, will you know what to do? What if a tree-mounted fixture burns out or breaks? Look for a Landscape Lighting company who will offer you a maintenance agreement, to keep your yard looking its best day and night for years to come.

Walter Lee Davis is the owner of NightVision Outdoor Lighting, an Atlanta Landscape Lighting company. NightVision provides residential and commercial outdoor Lighting design, installation and maintenance, as well as seasonal Christmas Lighting, and has installed Landscape Lighting in over 3500 homes in its 11 year history.

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