Homeowners love the aesthetic effect of landscape lighting, but many would also like to conserve energy for environmental or financial reasons. Limiting energy use reduces dependency on fossil fuels, and also lowers electricity bills. Fortunately, technological developments have made it so that you can enjoy beautiful landscape lighting without having to worry about wasting electricity.

One way to conserve energy is to use low voltage products. Low voltage lighting reduces incoming voltage so that the units end up using only 12 volts, about a tenth of the normal voltage. As a result, your energy bill will be considerably lower with these products installed than it would be if you used normal voltage lighting. Using low voltage lighting will not limit your design options - low voltage outdoor lighting is available in a variety of styles.

Another method for saving electricity outdoors is to use timed or motion-activated devices to ensure that your landscape lighting is on only as much as it is needed. Motion-activated lights are especially useful for areas such as steps, where outdoor lighting is primarily a safety feature rather than an aesthetic enhancement. Motion-sensors are also useful for an area such as a backyard, which cannot be seen from the street, but still need to be illumined when people are using this space.

There are many practical options that will allow you to illuminate your home with outdoor lighting while still conserving electricity. If you are looking into landscape lighting for your home, be sure to ask your outdoor lighting company about energy efficient lighting options.

Walter Lee Davis is the owner of NightVision Outdoor Lighting, an Atlanta landscape lighting company. NightVision provides residential and commercial outdoor lighting design, installation and maintenance, as well as seasonal Christmas lighting, and has installed landscape lighting in over 3500 homes in its 11 year history.

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