Decorating your home is a highly personalized experience as it essentially is a reflection of yourself. One aspect that should not be overlooked when undertaking this task is the outside of your home. Your property Landscape is a blank canvas where you can turn a seemingly ordinary plot of grass and a few trees into a remarkable garden getaway where you can host lawn parties or steal away for a few moments of peace. Without the proper Lighting, however, your option of enjoying this haven can be limited to daylight hours. Classic Landscape Lighting elements offers a way to enjoy your personal outdoor getaway any time of day or night.
Garden stakes are one of the first items that come to mind when thinking about classic Landscape Lighting. These traditionally line paths to illuminate walkways but can also be used to highlight intricate brick and stonework as well as particularly beautiful flower patches. Modern technology now offers these lights in a solar powered option which saves not only energy, but money and time as well. They are designed to automatically turn on at dusk and then switch off at dawn. This saves you time as there is no need to manually operate the lights. Money is also saved as the power source is the sun. It is a wonderful option for many, but there are also lights that run on traditional wired circuits for houses set on large acreage properties.

Another aspect of classic Landscape Lighting to consider when designing your plot of land is accent lights. Also known as spot lights, this type of illumination is especially useful for highLighting dramatic aspects of your garden. Most commonly used as a way to light up statutory work, these lights are now being used to draw the eye to natural landmarks such as trees or flower plots. Some homeowners choose to use accent lights for all of their outdoor Lighting, including Lighting walkways and garden paths as some models come on hinged bases that allow light heads to be moved in different positions.

Post Lighting is yet another classic Landscape Lighting element. The models vary from vintage Victorian era designs to simplistic modern options. Normally the light is housed in a square or cylindrical lantern placed on the top of a post known as a candelabra base. The materials used for these lights are generally a metal like bronze or copper. Many are fashioned to look like the post Lighting used when there was no electricity at all. However, nowadays it is not uncommon for these posts to require an electrician to wire them properly for use with your Landscape.

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