The Bible is replete with references to light. David sang about light. Jesus taught about light. Light, like music, is capable of stirring the soul. And yet, light is probably one of the most overlooked and misunderstood Design elements in any church facility. Not long ago Lighting Design options were limited. Windows were narrow because of the limited span borne by stone lintels. Stained glass diffused light and reduced the painful contrast between the window and the dark interior of the church.
Today we have an endless, if mind-numbing, variety of Lighting options. And the consideration of Lighting fixtures goes beyond cost, into the areas of heat and sound generation, maintenance, operating costs, light color, and more. Some churches have eliminated natural Lighting entirely and are able to control every sparkle, every shade, for its peak effect. This is particularly useful for churches that videotape services, use projection screens, or offer dramatic presentations. And the Lighting considerations are not limited to ceilings. Lighting can be used for dramatic effect in stair risers, under bathroom vanities, or above wall niches. Furthermore, some of the most beautiful Lighting Designs are employed on the exterior of the building to highlight architectural features, landscaping, and walkways.

Since it is a daunting task, the church may want to seek help from their architect, builder, and Lighting supply contractors to explore the many possibilities offered by today's "exciting Lighting" products.

The most common Lighting types for church use are incandescent, fluorescent, high pressure sodium (HPS), and metal halide (MH).

Incandescent lamps offer the advantages of low initial cost, compactness, instant light, and lumen control through dimming. However, they are relatively inefficient, limited to low light output, can generate significant heat, and have a short life span.

Fluorescent Lighting offers low brightness and a relatively large surface area so it is good for diffuse, non-directed Lighting. It operates more economically than incandescent Lighting. Fluorescent lamps work best indoors and prefer a temperature of about 70 degrees. They don't generate much heat but can produce significant noise.

High pressure sodium lamps have been used for many years in parking lots, warehouses, and along roadways where the yellow color of the light and the long start-up time are not critical.

Compared to incandescent lamps, metal halide lamps are more costly initially, yet are 3-5 times more efficient. A 100 watt MH lamp provides 5 times the lumen output of a 100 watt incandescent bulb, and the bulb has 15-20 times the lifespan. Metal halide light can be directed, but is not dimmable. It may take 5 to 20 minutes for MH lamps to reach full output. A major advantage of MH is the white color of the light which most closely simulates sunlight.

Using the technical expertise of a Lighting Designer, you can create the perfect Outdoor
post Lighting for your home. These professionals are equipped with a thorough knowledge of Lighting equipment, products, and software Design. Taking raw creative Design, an Outdoor post Lighting expert can turn your Design ideas into an advanced and creative platform Design. With a thorough understanding of possible light pollution and Lighting levels, three dimensional models of the best possible Lighting system for your yard is standard. By utilizing the expertise of an Outdoor post Lighting professional Designer, you can experience the newest aspects of the industrial Lighting industry and then integrate your favorites into a new energy efficient Lighting system prior to making any purchases. The Design can be purchased from the Designer or from other sources of Lighting equipment.
You can select the distinct level of precision which you desire when you hire professionals to help create your perfect Outdoor post Lighting Designs and systems. The technical expertise to be found with Experts in the field of Lighting Design include Outdoor and landscape Lighting for residential homes and for commercial buildings. This includes Lighting for sports areas in the home or tennis courts, as well as security lights, safety items, and holiday Lighting. With the necessary hands-on training in electrical Design and architectural Design, it takes a thorough knowledge of wiring and building exteriors for an expert Designer to create the perfect Lighting layers for your home. They can directly correlate their understanding of how light is dispersed with your particular structure.

Solving any problems you might have with your Outdoor post Lighting, Experts can offer Designer solutions which integrate in-depth knowledge and the best energy efficient Designs. Taking an overhead plan and converting it to match your current Lighting system, photometric models can be presented for your consideration prior to making any purchases. Offering system solutions and innovative Designs, residential landscape Lighting and Outdoor post Lighting ideas can work with any existing fixtures or accessories.

By using an expert in the field you can save money by receiving precise numbers on the required fixtures and Outdoor post lights required. You will find products with an extended lamp life and the maximum energy efficiency. Any Design questions can be answered by using a professional. Your residential questions and Designs can be created in conjunction with a technical expert to produce a system that best complements your home. No matter your needs, there is a full range of Outdoor post Lighting that can meet you Lighting needs, your creative desires, and your safety concerns.

Providing you with a cost effective plan, your system will show you ahead of time how much light is needed in each part of your home and the required number of Outdoor post Lighting fixtures. The cost of these Lighting plan Designs is well worth the investment. You receive better planning and better savings overall in terms of your personal future maintenance, your time, as well as your money.

When you are landscaping, or installing outdoor Lighting for a newly-built home, or reDesigning an existing Landscape, the results will be much more satisfying if you plan first. This sounds obvious, but when you start landscaping a property, or installing outdoor Lighting, the urge to begin planting, or placing outdoor lights immediately is almost overwhelming.

Developing The Basic Plan

A Landscape and the associated Landscape Lighting is a picture, with a great opportunity for artistic composition. With a home the central feature is the house and the fundamental objective is to make good use of every part of the grounds and to avoid scattering trees and bushes all over the area surrounding the house.
So you need a definite plan on paper for the location of the key features of the Landscape and the associated outdoor Lighting. Consider the features and functions of the different components - the residence itself, outdoor areas and patios, any out buildings, walks and drives, the service areas, the border planting, flower-garden, and possibly a vegetable-garden.

To begin, it is recommended that you draw a base plan to scale. For most properties a scale of 1/8″=1′ is workable; for small properties or a particular area of a larger development 1/4″=1′ may be better. Graph paper with lines indicating a particular scale is also helpful.

Include all the major features of your property on your drawing. After you have prepared the base plan you can either use tracing paper or transfer the drawing into a suitable PC drawing/graphics program. Then you can sketch possible ideas and solutions to your landscaping and outdoor Lighting needs.

Steps For Drawing The Plan

Indicate the compass directions in relation to the house by drawing an arrow (N->) pointing north.
Measure each property line and record the measurements.
Accurately locate one corner of the house on the plan by measuring the distance from the back edge of the curb or edge of the street and nearest property line. From this corner of the house, measure each side of the house and place it onto the plan.
Locate other existing features on the plan by measuring from known reference points, such as the street, property line or house.
Identify potential outdoor living and entertaining areas. Terraces and patios are now an integral part of many homes. They should be located, if possible, where they will receive summer breezes and afternoon shade. If sun is a problem, add trees or overhead shading structures.

Once key features are located on the plan, next decide which of these will require outdoor Lighting. Some will need functional Lighting e.g. patios and decks, paths and walkways, others will be lit for aesthetic value and other Lighting will be for security purposes.


Don't go overboard with the number of lights. It increases the costs for installation, maintenance and the running the outdoor Lighting.
Too many lights also don't look good.
The best (and most used) outdoor living areas are usually located adjacent to living areas of the house where they can easily be served and seen from inside. Even when they are not in use, well-planned, attractive decks and terraces adjacent to the house give a feeling of added space to interior rooms.
A terrace is sometimes placed away from the home to take advantage of a striking view, good afternoon breezes, or the shade of a large tree.

Feature and Aesthetic Lighting

There may be some striking features on your property that you wish to highlight. There is a huge range of lights available. Again be restrained - less is more here - and remember that just like you trees and shrubs don't like to be brightly illuminated night after night. It interferes with their natural rest cycles.

Lighting Paths and Entrance Areas

The amount of path Lighting required depends on:

(a) The amount of ambient light from other sources, such as streetlights, "always on" security lights and outdoor Lighting attached to your home and outbuildings.

(b) The smoothness of the surface of the walkway, the presence of steps.

Outdoor lights linked to motion detectors are a popular and efficient choice for entrance areas as the light only comes on when needed.

Security Lighting

The main objectives with outdoor security Lighting are to illuminate dark areas and detect and recognize movement in "protected areas".

The best vision with outdoor Lighting is obtained from downward directed and shielded security Lighting that is "always on", supplemented with instant-on Lighting triggered by motion detectors.

Overall, the best position for security lights is mounted as high as possible on your property, directing light in a downward position for safe and reliable operation.

Motion detectors sense movement and turn outdoor security lights on when movement is detected and are ideal for both security Lighting and energy management. They are often used in conjunction with floodlights that raise the overall brightness. However, the aesthetic drawback of floodlights is they can make your home look like a jail.

The author enjoys the simple but rewarding pleasures that come from a well Designed garden with tasteful outdoor Lighting.

Well chosen and located Landscape Lighting enhances your enjoyment of your property and with well chosen outdoor security Lighting you can use and enjoy your garden as much in the evening as during the day.

There are many ways in which you can improve the overall look of the exterior of your home and garden. Not only do you have the options of planting certain trees, plants, and other types of shrubbery to create the perfect effect during the day, but you can also use Landscape Lighting Design as a way to enhance the overall look of your property during the evening. The way in which you are able to do this is by using low-voltage lights that have different colors to create the perfect welcoming effect in your garden. In fact, Landscape Lighting Design is not only about being decorative, as these lights can also be used in a practical way, such as improving vision in outdoor kitchens Houston has to offer. When you begin looking for ideas to create the perfect ambiance for your home, there are a few points you should keep in mind.
First of all, try to use a Lighting Design that has a welcoming effect to it. This can be achieved by using lights that have warm colors, and then to not make them too bright or too dim. In addition, it is also good idea to point some of these low-voltage lights in other areas of your garden besides just the walls of your home, such as against some shrubbery, because this in turn will enhance the overall look and feel of your garden. You can also use your Landscape Lighting Design as a way to improve security, because it will do a good job in Lighting up in certain areas such as the driveway and porch. It is also recommended to experiment with your Landscape Lighting Design before doing any final installations. In other words, point your lights to different areas of your garden and walls of your home until you feel you have the right settings, and then only once you are completely satisfied, can you then go ahead and finalize everything.

To ensure that your lights last for a very long time, it is always a good idea to use good quality bulbs and cables. The best way to find this type of quality is by going online and searching through many of the sites that specialize in selling these Lighting systems. In fact, it is also a good idea to compare the prices from one store to another, because you will be quite surprised at how often you are able to find a good deal on the exact same make and model of the specific Lighting system. More importantly, take the time to read up any extra information that these sites can provide to you in terms of best practices, creative ideas, as well as any other important information that you can utilize, because all of this can be a big help in ensuring that you create the perfect ambient feeling once your Lighting system has been set up.

Perhaps you have been noticing in and around your neighborhood some of the interesting and oftentimes downright amazing effects of what some of the currently available outdoor Landscape Lighting products have to offer. The technology these days is in fact amazing with what has been done even with cheap solar lights.

The up and coming thing really is L.E.D. Lighting though. The subtle, yet fantastic displays of ambient (and low cost) light are a wonder to behold. Perhaps the thought has crossed your mind that maybe, just maybe you could do something with your own Landscape whether it is in your front yard, back garden or patio area, or maybe even to do something along the lines of driveway Lighting.

If in fact these sort of things are on your mind here are a few Tips and guidelines to get your creative juices flowing:

Remember that "more" is not always better.
Remember that "more expensive" is not always better either.
There are a lot of low cost solutions to your outdoor Lighting situation and it helps to spend some time on the world wide web researching and looking at what others have done with their own Landscape.
Depending upon your own unique circumstances you may be able to get away with spending a hundred dollars or so for some relatively cheap outdoor solar lights initially and see if they get the job done.

The last point really is a key thing for a lot of people. Many have called upon the services of a professional only to be shocked at just how much they can and will charge for an outdoor Lighting scheme. Nothing against spending a few thousand dollars or more to get the job done right, but more often than not most people can do a sufficient job all by themselves.

For a plethora of outdoor Lighting and backyard garden Design Tips visit our Landscape and Lighting resource site. You will find there a compendium of information from Landscape Lighting Tips to pool Landscape Design, and even deck lights and Lighting, plus a whole lot more.

Landscape Lighting Tips will help brighten your gardens and Landscape during the evening hours. Some Landscape Lighting Tips are meant to show off different areas of your garden Landscape. Landscape Lighting is not only popular to homeowners but also business owners to highlight the business building during the evening. Everyone enjoys low voltage Lighting and solar Lighting because they are inexpensive and easy to install and are available to purchase almost anywhere.

Low voltage Lighting has been around the longest and you will find are used by many homeowners. Low voltage refers to the line that is sending the voltage from the house outlet to a transformer and lowers the voltage to only 12 volts. This style is quite safe and can be install easily without hiring an electrician or without procuring a permit. The transformer that comes with the low voltage kit will plug into a 110/120v outlet located on the exterior of your home. Multiple cable runs are attached to the transformer that can connect up to a group of six light fixtures.
Solar units have become more popular these days as outdoor Lighting because they are easier to install than the low voltage kits due to the fact there are no wires attached. All you do is attach a fixture or solar panel where it will receive direct or indirect sunlight. Some solar lights come with a solar panel that is attached with a wire; these are usually spot lights or uplights that highlight an area that is usually sitting in darkness most of the time. You position the light on a tree or some other object to be highlighted and the solar panel needs to be inserted in an area that receives sunlight to absorb the sun's energy. There are some solar lights that are recessed for placing in decks and others for placing on posts or railings; these will need a screwdriver for installation. The solar Landscape fixtures consist of a solar panel, LED bulb, and anywhere between 1 and 4 rechargeable batteries. The energy from the sun will be changed to electrical energy by way of the solar panel and be stored in the batteries. It will take about eight to ten hours of sun to completely charge the batteries after the initial installation of the solar Landscape lights. After the charging is complete the units will come on at dusk.

Here are more Landscape Lighting Tips that will apply either to low voltage or solar lights for good results in the garden. You can accomplish upLighting by placing the light below a target and positioning the beam on an upwards angle for highLighting, this will create a focal point. DownLighting is done by doing just the opposite; place the light source high above an object and position the beam of light on a downward angle to highlight an object or large area. By placing a downlight close to ground level it will create light puddles to light a walkway or pathway. Grazing an object means to position the light close the surface and it will display the texture of the surface. To silhouette an object hide the lights behind and below that object and the night sky will show its silhouette.

Other than the above ways to light objects there are other ways such as spread Lighting, path Lighting, moon Lighting and security Lighting. Spread Lighting is done by using low-level lights to cast light upon ground covers, shrubs, or flower beds; these can also be used underwater to highlight a pond. Path Lighting can consist of low impact lights or lights that are shielded so they shine on the path for visibility and safety. Moon Lighting is accomplished in the same manner as downLighting as described above. We use security Lighting to guard against crime and uninvited pests. It is best to illuminate all areas that intruders like to hide and the best ones for that are spotlights that are set to come on when any type of motion occurs.

There are a few things to avoid in regards to Landscape Lighting. When there are too many lights Lighting up your property it will look too garish and you do not want that. You basically only want to bring out the most interesting aspects of your Landscape features, structures, and/or special areas. When you place lights along a pathway do not line them up evenly, alternate them for each side and make sure they are spaced according to what the manufacturer recommends.

Do some experimenting with low voltage Lighting and solar Lighting. Both types of Lighting are flexible enough to move things around and adjust angles for the right effect. Some solar Lighting spotlights and the low voltage Lighting kits have wiring that you can bury but can be left until last until everything is positioned correctly. When your patio area and the Landscape in the front yard look good to the eye you wisely used some good Landscape Lighting Tips.

Landscape Lighting is the jewel in the crown of excellent landscaping. This is not to suggest that it is optional. Far from it. Most professional Landscape designers consider light essential to completing their work, and essential to making it work. This is why tailored Lighting is now an essential consideration in planning new homes and updating existing ones. Lighting is a way to revitalize existing landscaping and is vital in new greenery designs. Gone is the spotlight! Throw away the cans! The trend now is fixtures that you cannot see.

Outdoor Lighting still has function, of course. It allows the use of outdoor entertainment areas after the sun has gone down. It lights the way on paths and walkways. It provides security. But you can have all of the essential functions with beauty built in. You often hear the term "nightscape" or "lightscape". These terrific designs change the look of everything at night, using light and the direction of light. In the hands of a professional designer, Lighting provides a daily makeover of your landscaping, using appropriate fixtures and their location. Light paints. Light draws attention. Light does much more than simply illuminate.
For many people, it makes sense. Why should they not be able to enjoy their greenery after dark? If you have invested in trees, plants, hardscape and water features, you want to enjoy them in the evening hours, too. The great part about it is that once a professional Lighting design has been installed, you will see your home and grounds in an entirely new way.

Here are some of the terms for today's outdoor Lighting: Uplight, shadow and downlight. UpLighting, as you would imagine, points upward. When you light a tree from below, for instance, it takes on a whole new look (we are accustomed to seeing our trees with light from above, from the sun). UpLighting can give texture to a wall or draw attention to a fountain.

Shadowing throws a shadow, which is a dramatic counterpoint to a ray of light. A great new trend in downlight is hanging the fixture in a tree, so that it shines on the greenery below. It can be installed in traditional areas, too, such as from eaves of a house. Down is still the preferred direction for security Lighting. But it can be wholly decorative, too. Landscape Lighting does so much more than just flood an area with light.

Make your outdoor property usable day and night by installing Landscape and walkway Lighting. These lights are an easy, beautiful way to light up your garden so that you can stay outside as long into the night as you want to.

Forget messy torches and candles--transform your yard or garden into a prime relaxation location with a system of Landscape and walkway light features. Designed for outdoor use, these durable lights provide gentle illumination to your property so that you and your guests can continue to enjoy the evening outside without struggling to see. Contact an electrician in your area to set up an appointment to start the Design process. They will work with you to create and install a Lighting scheme that will highlight the beauty of your property and create a welcoming, safe, and well-illuminated location.
The first step in the process of outdoor Lighting Design is to determine how you want to use your outside space and what your overall Lighting needs are. Do you want to create a general glow and ambiance to the whole area? Do you want to concentrate on Lighting a specific portion of the patio? Do you have walkways that need to be lit? Your Design expert will work with you to address all these questions so that you arrive at an overall Lighting scheme that fits your needs and your space. They will also help you choose the appropriate fixtures and configurations to achieve the look that you're going for, choosing from options such as solar Landscape light units to specially focused accent Lighting.

Once the Design process is complete, your outdoor Landscape Lighting expert will then start the actual installation process. Outdoor Lighting professionals have years of experience in installing these systems. They will be able to do all of the technical work of attaching the fixtures and connecting the wiring in a way that is non-intrusive to your outside space, both during and after installation. From concealing the Lighting in the contours of your Landscape, to burying the wiring so that it isn't even noticeable, these professionals will create a system of illumination that complements your space without drawing attention to itself. All you will be left with are beautiful, durable lights that will allow you to enjoy a well-illuminated exterior for years to come.

Landscape Lighting is a wonderful way to add usable space onto your home and property. Instead of dealing with temporary Lighting measures each time you want to spend time outside at night, invest in professionally Designed and installed Landscape lights.

Your home and property are special to you, and you use your outdoor spaces in a way that is unique to you and your family. For maximum evening enjoyment, select an outdoor Lighting professional to Design, install and maintain your Landscape Lighting.

During the day, you may look at your flowers and garden beds, enjoy vegetable or herb gardening, have play and seating areas, deck and cooking areas. Walkways are important aspects of your property, providing access to the areas of your yard. In the evening and hours of darkness, you probably have different needs in your backyard living areas - sitting and visiting, cooking, relaxing with friends, sitting by the fire or chimenea. How you view your yard at night - if you can view it at all, may change your perspective on outdoor Lighting.

Is your yard completely dark or have you flooded the area with bright floodlights? Did you make a trip to the home improvement store and come home with a box of inexpensive little fixtures that you didn't really know where to put, and turned out to be rather dim and disappointing?

It's usually best to consult with a professional Lighting Designer and have them work together with you to create a satisfying Lighting Design that will suit your needs and desires. Professional grade Lighting equipment lasts longer and performs better, and professional quality state-of-the-art fixtures live up to your high expectations and offer you a product that will provide beauty, reliability and longevity.

The secret of knowing exactly what to use and where to put it are the arena of the professional Landscape Lighting Designer. Most professional Designers work with you individually to Design a plan that enhances the architectural features of your home and best aspects of your property using a creative palette of light and shadow to set the perfect mood. Each project is as individual as you are. Hire an experienced and educated staff that knows how to take full advantage of modern Lighting technology to set the stage for your lifestyle. From formal events to casual gatherings, the most important aspect of your Lighting Design is to create evening pleasure for your family.

In addition to our providing Design/build services, you should ask your outdoor Lighting Designer if their projects are offered with a workmanship warranty and maintenance agreement to optimize your investment. Plant growth and Mother Nature provide constant change to your property, so your will need to ensure that the original Design is maintained over time. Have a professional clean, adjust, re-lamp, trim plant material and move fixtures to create the optimum effect, annually at a minimum, and more often if you have Landscape plant material that changes frequently or is fast-growing.

Additionally, your Designer may recommend re-positioning fixtures, changing lamp wattages and beam spreads as your plant material matures. These changes can make significant differences in the voltage drop and greatly affect the appearance of your Lighting Design, so a professional should make these changes. Your outdoor Lighting Designer should be a long-term partner for progress in your outdoor environment.

Professionally installed outdoor Lighting not only increases the security and safety of your home and its surroundings, it expands your living space to the outdoors and makes your home, lawn, and garden more beautiful, more functional, and more inviting. The benefits of outdoor Lighting for your home, Landscape, poolside, patio, and deck are endless.

For Professional Outdoor Lighting Design in the Dallas-Ft.Worth Texas area

What to look for in hiring an outdoor Lighting contractor. Landscape Lighting can truly set your home apart from the crowd and give you many extra hours of night enjoyment. Landscape Lighting can turn your home into a show place while also creating an inviting atmosphere for your family and friends to enjoy relaxing evenings at home. In my 23 years of Landscape Lighting Design and installation I have seen many outdoor Lighting systems that do not achieve the desired results of homeowners. I have had to totally redo many outdoor Lighting system. This unfortunate waist of money and frustration of a home owner could be avoided if they asked their Lighting contractor a few simple important questions. such as.
Do they have Landscape Lighting experience?.Make sure they have Landscape Lighting Design and installation experience. Not that they installed a Malibu's system on a few of their other projects. I have seen expensive outdoor Lighting system installed by licensed electrician that were dangerous and voltage drop so great that it took the electricity 2 seconds to activate fixtures after it was turned on.... Yes that's right 2 seconds and this was in a 3 million dollar house.
Make sure that they are Licensed in the right category for outdoor Lighting we have a c-10 electrical license.
Do they have references dealing with outdoor Lighting?
Do they offer fixtures that are durable and will withstand the harsh exterior elements? Many Landscape Lighting manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty?
Do they use stainless steel transformers and have multiple voltage taps for longer Lighting runs?
Do they have photographs of actual projects they have done and not photos off a web site or from a Landscape Lighting fixture catalog?
Do they understand creative Lighting and Design?
Do they have your best interest in mind or are they just trying to sell fixtures to drive up the price. We will even talk clients out of fixtures if we don't feel it serves a practical or artistic purpose. It's all about value.
Do they understand Ohms law and how it affects voltage drops and Lighting effects?
Have they been in business for a while? What is their track record and experience?
Do they offer follow up maintenance or service or do they install the Landscape Lighting system and leave you in the dark (no pun intended) If there is a problem down the line will they be available to provide service? Maintenance and repairs is a big part of a Landscape Lighting professional Lighting business.
If you have an existing system with quality fixtures and transformers, will they try to incorporate them into your new outdoor Lighting system or just try to sell you everything new (note fixtures and transformers in most existing systems are not adequate but some times they are and we are happy to reuse what we can if it doesn't comprises the quality of the outdoor Lighting Design and installation.
Do they bury the cable at least 6-8 inches below the surface.
Are the connections at all the lights crimped with copper sleeves and inserted in a waterproof cap?
Is Outdoor Lighting and Landscape Lighting a passion of theirs?

A true Lighting professional will address all these issues. This simple list of questions could of saved many homeowners thousands and thousands of dollars. Dont proceed with Landscape Lighting until you have asked these important questions. Knowledge is power.

Chuck Evans is the founder of Illuminated Concepts Inc. in Laguna Hills CA He has been providing creative Lighting experiences since 1976. Chuck started his Lighting career in NY by Designing and running stage Lighting for many musical productions. see their work on the web

The best way to start your next landscaping project is to come up with some Landscape Lighting Ideas to help you plan out what you will be doing. However, coming up with Great Ideas for illuminating your Landscape areas may not be as easy as it seems. This is especially for those who have little experience or knowledge with outdoor Lighting methods. Here are some Ideas to help you get started.

1. Find a theme. The theme does not have to be something like "fairy tale dreamland". Instead, it can be something as simple as Lighting various features from the same angles and with the same type of lights. Find a common unifying theme that can tie everything together.
2. Choose Your fixtures. Before you begin, you need to know exactly which type of Lighting instruments you will be using. There are several different types of lights, including bullet lights, well lights, and path lights that work in different ways to illuminate your outdoor areas.

3. Keep it minimal. Many times when people begin thinking about Landscape lights, they think that they need many different Lighting fixtures to provide all kinds of light all over their yard. However, remember that too much of a good thing is not a good thing. This is very true with Landscape Lighting. Try to keep the minimum amount of lights and use them as efficiently as possible to get the best effect.

4. Use a central figure. Think about using some kind of landscaping feature as a central figure of your yard. Many people choose to make this central figure a fountain or a large tree. If you have a very old or particularly characteristic tree in your yard, consider having it moved to a central location.

5. Use a mixture of up Lighting and down Lighting. Up Lighting of course, refers to lights that have been placed on the ground and shine up onto something that is higher than the lights. Down Lighting is just the opposite, the lights are placed high and shine down on something below them. Consider using a mixture of the two to get a nice effect.

6. Think about shadows. If you have a large wall or other kind of flat surface, consider casting a shadow onto that surface. Large trees and shrubs can be used to cast shadows for some very interesting landscaping effects.

In addition to these Landscape Lighting Ideas, there are of course, many other ways you can illuminate your landscaping at night. The possibilities are virtually endless, and you are limited only by your creative imagination and/or your budget.

You can get lots more Landscape Lighting Ideas here, at the Malibu Solar Lights website.

Using LED lights in the Landscape is a great way to be able to see your Yard during the hours of darkness. Using Landscape Lighting has many different benefits from the added security of being able to see into your Yard to the visual appeal it gives when used as an accent Lighting for a focal point in the Landscape.

LED lights have many added benefits and are a much greener solution than using conventional bulbs. They are much more economical due to their longer lifespan, increased durability and energy saving qualities over the conventional type of light bulb.

There are many other reasons to use LED lights to turn your Landscape into an eco-friendly Yard. The LED Landscape is both environmentally friendly and also economically smart. Since LED lights use less energy than conventional lights they save on our energy costs. They also have longer lifetimes than other light bulbs and therefore create less waste than other types of lights.
The light emitting diode, or LED, has been sold for about 50 years. These lights have come a long way since first being employed and are now much safer, durable, last longer, are more efficient and cost less than they did when first used.

LED lights are extremely efficient, especially when you compare them to standard halogen bulbs. LED's use 90 percent less energy than halogen bulbs which means you pay only around 10 percent of the normal costs when it comes to your electric bill. LED's are also produced without using harmful and poisonous chemicals such as mercury, which is another great reason to use them.

LED's have an incredible lifetime. When you compare these bulbs to halogen lights you can see the amazing differences between them. Standard halogens last for about 3000 hours while specialty halogens last for about 12000. LED's last much longer at about 40000 hours of life. If you turned them on and never turned the lights off they would last for around 4 and a half years in total.

These bulbs are extremely efficient and another added bonus to using them in your Landscape is that they produce a large amount of light for how little energy they use, the perfect compliment to any Landscape. You can see the obvious benefits to using these bulbs when choosing a type of Lighting for your Landscape.

Eco Friendly Houses writes about many topics related to solar, green trends and eco-friendly products among other topics related to this field. Please feel free to read more about this topic on our site at LED Landscape Lighting.

When they say, "let the sun shine in," during the day, what exactly do they say at night? "Let the Landscape Lighting illuminate?"

How many times have you arrived at a home at night only to discover that you could not find your way to the front door? Scary, unsafe, and so unappealing. Now there are companies that do nothing but handle Landscape Lighting design.

Landscape Lighting design is really not that difficult for the DIY homeowner - especially if your Landscape Lighting ideas focus on solar power. With no electrical writing concerns, you have an open playing field in which to build your nighttime world.
Your plan should center around two things: safety and enhancement.

First, where do you need Lighting for safety? Generally, all walkways, secondary paths, and anywhere else someone might be wandering. This becomes a visitor's compass to your home and around your yard. When you install Landscape Lighting for safety, the general rule of thumb is to place the light so (a) it does not shine in someone's eyes, and (b) that it illuminates at least 75% of the path from side to side. (Nothing like having someone blinded by the light or walking off the side of the path into a flower bed.)

Next, consider the spacing. This is best done at night when you can see what kind of coverage you need to have. This is the one area in which you do not want to skimp! If you are particular about the spacing between each light - i.e., that it has to be exact - then lean towards the "more is better" approach.

For enhancement, some great Landscape Lighting ideas include up Lighting trees, accenting a fountain, illuminating an architectural feature, outlining a fence, or brightening a darkened area. In this case, the installation of the Landscape Lighting is all about where you place the light versus how much lightening you need.

When it comes to how to install your Landscape Lighting, that is going to depend on the type of Lighting you will be using: solar or electrical. If you have an external outdoor receptacle, then doing walkway Lighting is fairly easy for the do-it-yourselfer. If you do not have an outdoor receptacle, you may want to hire an electrician to install one. When it comes to solar, go for it. Simply make sure that your lights are positioned where they will receive enough sun to charge the solar cells and that they will generate enough Lighting for the planned use.

Your Landscape Lighting design plan should be something you have to do only once with minor tweaks into the future. Do it right the first time, and you are on your way to having a home that is a beacon in a dark, nighttime world.

To learn more about Landscape Lighting design, visit

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Are Landscape Flood Lights going to add a nice touch to the Outdoor area of your home?

They will certainly provide a unique and attractive look to the landscaping when you view them illuminating the beautiful shrubs and flowers you have spent so much time and effort on planting.

What Type of Outdoor Lighting Should You Use?

There are many options available for your home or even business, and LED Flood Lights should usually be considered first.

Outdoor Lighting is a terrific look for an office building. Keeping the outside of your business safe and looking good at the same time is no small feat. When you choose the right Lighting you can have the best looking building on the block.
If you need a brighter light than normal for your Outdoor Lighting ideas - perhaps you are going to design a theme - you should check the LED Flood Lights that are available for landscaping.

They are a brighter light than the typical flood light and they do not use as much electricity, so you are helping with the environment as well. LED lights are also available in a solar light so this can cut down on the electricity bill even more. This type of light uses a diode rather than a filament so the chances of releasing toxic gasses into the environment are decreased as well.

Whether you are using the Landscape Flood Lights at your residence or your office, it is always a good look to use sidewalk lights. There are several types that are available for placing along the edge of the sidewalk to illuminate it for the best Lighting.

There are also rope lights that can be used for this purpose and they create a good look as well. In addition, they provide safety for people who may be in the yard at night.

Other Ways to use these Lights

One very nice look that can be created with these lights is to coordinate them with the Outdoor furniture, the cushions, umbrella and other Outdoor accessories. Using the Lights for beautiful curbside appeal after dark is a great idea.

Today Outdoor Landscape lights are available in a variety of colors as well as the plain white light. They can be used in conjunction with other lights that may spotlight certain plants or groups of shrubs, trees or anything you want to be seen at night.

A garden wall always looks so nice when it has subtle Lighting shining on it at night. A fountain that lights up at night can create a terrific look to add to your Landscape Lighting.

Just because the Outdoor Landscape Lighting is made to be functional does not mean it cannot be fun.

If you need to put some lights on the outside of your home, perhaps by the driveway where your sidewalk begins, there are very nice flush mounted Outdoor lights that can be put on the side of your home. They are typically round and sometimes are mounted on a porch as well.

The main thing to remember is to use your creativity to allow your lawn to look great when you use Outdoor Landscape Lighting.

It may take a few nights to get everything where you want it, but when you look at the finished effect you are going to love your Outdoor Landscape beautifully lit and safer too.

You can find more solar Outdoor Lighting ideas, along with great information on LED Outdoor Lighting to help improve the atmosphere of your garden and overall property.

A cost effective and energy efficient way to brighten up the exterior of your home would be to install portable Landscape Lighting. There is tremendous upside to installing Landscape lights. Some of which include the ability to keep walkways and pathways clear and visible during the night, to discourage robbers or criminals from entering the premises, or just to add some aesthetic appeal. Now, with the advancement in technology, Landscape Lighting is no problem, even for the average home owner with a wide variety of cost effective, energy saving options to choose from.

Landscape Lighting is no longer something that is only visible on large upper class homes. These days, Landscape Lighting products are custom made for smaller houses to meet the home owners needs both from an aesthetic point of view and from a financial point of view. And, what is better is that many of these Landscape Lighting manufacturers have a mix and match option so that you can design a Landscape Lighting system for your home for a reasonable price.
If you're leaning towards investing in Landscape Lighting, then you might just want to look into the two top manufactures in todays market: Malibu and Sea Gull. For around 40 years, the Mailibu company has been manufacturing outdoor Landscape Lighting products. Malibu Landscape lights are known for their warm, functional low voltage light. These lights add plenty of aesthetic appeal to your patio or garden, but they are also bright enough to discourage thieves and burglars from entering into your home.

The Sea Gull Lighting Company produces an ambiance Lighting system that is well known for their quality, long life, low voltage systems, and easy installation. The Sea Gull company was established in 1992, so it is not as old as Malibu. However, since that time the company has risen to one of the top rate outdoor Landscape Lighting companies in the industry.

Both of these companies manufacture Landscape Lighting in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes that will suit the d?r and design of any home. In addition to the quality work and low voltage features, these companies produce Landscape Lighting products that will comfortably fit into any budget. Make sure that you take the time to do the proper research before going out and spending all that cash. Spend some time shopping around, and feel free to browse the internet for excellent content. Whenever, buying something online, be sure that the site your are on is a secure and trusted site. And most importantly, have fun!

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting can give your house the look that you want. What is that you wish to achieve? Sit down and make a plan for your outdoor Lighting. You will receive a lot of benefits and enjoyment. Here is outdoor Lighting information to consider.

You will increase the security of our property with outdoor Lighting. Suppose your front and back yards are beautifully lit at night. Other houses are dark. Someone wants to burglarize a house. Whose house are they likely to choose?

You and your family may sleep better at night. You will know that your home and property are secure. The right Lighting can prevent anyone from hiding on your property, also. This is another way to keep your home safe and secure.
You want everyone to be safe. The proper Lighting may help to prevent accidents. It may not be easy to see at night. When your Landscape is properly lit, tripping is less likely. You can enjoy more time outdoors in the evening. This can make parties and gatherings more fun and enjoyable.

Your house can have better curb appeal. This is a good feature for selling a house. It will also add value, if you wish to stay. The right Landscape Lighting can make your yard stand out from all of the others.

Low Voltage Lighting is safe. There is no danger as with high Voltage. It will be easier to install. You will not have to worry about children or animals being injured or shocked. Most people can install this type of Lighting. You do not have to be a qualified electrician. This makes installation much cheaper also.

Some lights may come in a kit with the needed transformer. If you have a larger project, you will need to use a transformer. A transformer plugs into normal house current. It is then reduced to lower Voltage for your Lighting. Add up all of the watts of your lights. This will tell you the size of the transformer to buy. You may also wish to have a photo electric cell, too. This will turn your light on at night and off in the daytime.

When you design your outdoor Lighting you will have several types to choose from. You may wish to have Lighting for a pool area. Maybe it will be a pathway. It could be a long circle driveway. You might also have ponds or fountains. Take the time to examine and explore all of the many styles. This could take a while. If you have the money, you might consider consulting a Lighting or landscaping specialist. They can advise you on the most effective method for your project.

Is the project large and detailed? It may be best with a professional installation. This can make a huge difference in the way your property presents itself. Professionals will work with you to make your place beautiful. You will also save a lot of time and energy with the installation process.


Low Voltage Landscape Lighting can add value and beauty to your property. It is safe to use and operate. It can make your property safe and secure at night. Simple projects are easy to install. Complex ones may be best done professionally. You can add a lot of enjoyment to your outside entertainment this way.

Are You Looking For More Info On Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Do you want to save on electricity at your job site? Well, with the low Voltage Landscape Lighting you will save money on electricity usage. Why spend more at a job site than you have too. We can help you get these for your job sites. Http://

I'm the kind of person who takes pride in home decoration, and are admired by everyone? If you do then there is no doubt that not only pay attention to the fact that a large pool, but in the open, right? So if you have so much time and energy to ensure that decision-making, which are your organery ornaments to the right and the plants are cut into shapes, can be a good idea to make the wonders of light to further enhance yourorganery or lawn. better with the LED outdoor lights can affect a large and make it big in your face all the time.
outdoor lighting can be used for both residential and office positions. They act as a safety and security lighting, helps those who go to see where they go and shine a dark street at night. It helps to live in the area feel safer, because anything can happen so bad if there is light. The type of lighting that would get two thumbs upThe LED headlamps, because effective, cost savings and have great features and not to mention gentle on our earth as well. If you're really prepared a great collection of colors and designs to your home and the type of topic you can have outdoors to your dress. There is also a series of landscape design, you can check if you want something more unique. An example of what would be one minute less in bad taste skylights that will give your way a fascinatinglighting would drop the case and only at home, adding that voting is good to be a great atmosphere. If you want something cutting edge, the rope lights are also great, but these are more for homes and offices.

It offers standard lighting, which is nothing more than common sense and used his strength very least that should be easy on your account and your bag is perfect. It 'also great because it is an amazing life, which has received more than 10 timesmore than any other normal house lighting. E 'suitable for outdoor use because it can withstand harsh weather as a reminder that, new bulbs, not because it is not destroyed by storms and burn out to save even really helps. If you are a defender of the trees and the environment do not be too good to spare, you might select for solar energy, further reduction of the estimate of the force used and all that would need the path, are solar panels and IndustryBatteries. In addition, these lamps with LED diodes in place of the filament is excellent, because it has more power and do not give him as much as other toxins is based.

Do not assume that the LED lights are boring because they are in a collection of all colors, that your home or where you can get additional decoration. You can adapt your furniture and displays the ideal setting for a romantic dinner, picnic at midnight minutes or other fun activitiesIt would be nice with excellent an ornament in your garden. You do not have the light in a tasteless take place, but use it to your advantage by illuminating the sidewalk, which light up to illuminate a fountain or the sidewalk, you can do all sorts of things, so be creative!

Click on the links below to learn more about LED lighting and LED Projector vertical storage.

lighting LED position lights, street lights, traffic lights & More. Visit Now!

solar landscape lighting is one of the most versatile ways to make home improvements to your outdoor space. Many people think, how he wants to do the landscape lighting in your garden, deck or patio, and walk along some dark road. The biggest problem is all the excavation work in creating the model in question, Judge Burypower lines, and all other aspects.

With solar landscape lighting, your ideas become reality, they become without all the hard work. Many products of landscape lighting to use energy from the sun to power them. No need to blow up the yard, and as long as the area is access to the sun, it can be almost anywhere. While many of these are self-employed, some of them have their own solar panel, provided that the panel has access to sun, and lightposition, even in shadow areas.
Here's how it works solar landscape lighting systems. Take a standard landscape lighting, as a light form. These are the lights that go on a garden, you can press into the ground to light a dark path are attached. A solar model would be a small solar panel on the cover of the light. During the day, the pot would absorb the light, the electric energy storage in a rechargeable battery. As the sun went down, it would be light with thisstored energy. The lights that are used today are not the same as those a few years. Some of the lamps that turn a bright light, but the use of 20% energy of a normal LED bulb. With these lamps is turned on longer, sometimes up to ten hours.

Today, you can also solar landscape lighting products for almost any project you can think of. If you are interested, there are many different sites. You can choose between the lights of the game, lights, review, and also the lightStrings. In addition, you can also use a variety of solar products for outdoor use, fountains, pond pumps and even sprinkler systems.

With solar landscape lighting can increase the value of your home in two ways. good home improvements can always raise property values. With this type of landscape lighting will save money on electricity bills because they do not absorb energy from the home network. big factor in whether or when to sell your home. He also goes onThe environmental problems that generate electricity from clean, renewable energy made from sunshine.

Prices on solar landscape lighting depends on how high is the light, be it built the solar panel or a separate cable, as well as style, landscape lighting. You can store large messages ancient sun lamp for about thirty dollars to a couple of points to get. Want to find a company selling many different ways, and one that offers free shipping for you order products. Make sureEveryone is Underwriters Laboratories listed, and comes with some kind of guarantee, whether the manufacturer or dealer.

Many years ago our landscape lighting consisted mainly of light on the porch or a small lantern light at the bottom of our garden. The ideas of landscape lighting today are not only landscaped our front, but our backyard. We want to spend more time outdoors, so in the courtyard garden room for fun and relaxation with family, friends and neighbors try to create.

We want to go out and buy not only all over the ancient landscapelighting, we must, as we see our homes, gardens, outdoor rooms, and the landscape plan first. If we shine our barbecue areas, swimming pools, trees, flower beds, fountains, statues and gardens? Well, what kind of lightng want to use?
Over the next with a few landscape lighting design, we can look at the architectural features of our homes and landscapes. We can use some uplighting for an arch or a gazebo to score. We can alsopool dive lights or put them in ponds and fountains to highlight the movement of water. We can make the trees and shrubs in our landscape design, the lights below and behind them their silhouette. There are lights on the functional and fashionable. Some energy-saving bulbs is modern and functional, if under the stairs, benches, railings and places, they are beautiful to see and create at the same time.

We can also add some landscapelighting ideas by neighbors and friends. If our houses are well lit at night durimg are safer and more secure than a house, the light is never. With the lighting of our roads, paths and steps can be sure that accidents do not happen to rest after sunset. Motion lights are another source of safety, these lights come on when someone or something passes by. Some light photo cells that turn off automatically at dusk and dawn, these lights are good,when you are away from home.

We want to always enjoy our friends and neighbors together with our families, landscaping and lights, we just want them to enjoy the effects of light. We just enough light for fun and safety. If we start our system landscape lighting we need to ensure that it can illuminate the way in which we hide. We can behind the branches, bushes or green space. All you want to see what we have, the environment of light andnot the equipment.

We want to always remember the safety of our family and friends, when it comes to our landscape lighting design. The lights are on for all paths, stairs, gates and access roads at night. The lights are a good choice for the lighting of an area while lighting the pipe and fun under the handrail is not only a safety feature, but the light in the area.

Most of our ideas, probably from all areas of the garden that we are proudas tall trees, gardens and unusual plants. Since you already have these areas during the day we want to relax with them at night and that's where the draft landscape lighting has a role. solar landscape lighting is a reasonable way to provide security in the garden, but we need places where they get energy from the sun during the day. of low voltage lighting and rope lighting are a few options in a good light. These are just some landscape lightingCouncils, we have taken into account if we want our landscape and the safe house.

Landscape Lighting is intended to reveal what the night hides and should enhance the property, extend the hours of enjoyment and provide security and safety for property owners and guests. In addition to the obvious benefit of being able to enjoy your yard in the evening, as well as the day, Lighting up your home makes the property more visible and, thus, safer. By Lighting walkways and steps, you eliminate the need for flashlights and reduce the potential for slips and falls. Furthermore, Landscape Lighting deters intruders by giving them less "shadows" in which to hide. A well lit house is the most effective deterrent to intruders but floodlights create pools of light coupled with pockets of darkness, often close to windows, which provide privacy for an intruder to enter your home. By strategically placing landscaping lights to provide even illumination, you eliminate protective cover for any would-be intruder and increase safety and security for your property and family.
Landscape Lighting also enhances the aesthetic qualities of your property, which is especially beneficial for those wishing to sell their home. Creative Lighting can produce dramatic effects that show off the beauty of your home and accentuate the Landscape. Properties with a well designed Lighting scheme give the impression of a luxurious estate, which often results in an increased resale value. Potential home buyers often drive by a house at night to determine if it might be a property worth checking out. Ornamental Lighting attracts these buyers to your home giving them a great first impression. Those that find the outside of your home to be pleasant will believe the inside must be nice as well. The result is more prospective buyers and an increased perception of the value of your property.

For those not concerned with resale value at the moment, lighted backyards create additional useable space for you and your family at night. Landscape Lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere for entertaining on warm summer evenings and around fall fire pits. Not only will you be able to further enjoy your deck or patio, you will enjoy sharing it with your friends.

Where should you light?

When deciding where to place lights, you need to assess the elements on your property such as trees, flower beds, statues and walkways. Which structures should be highlighted and which should be downplayed? You obviously want to make sure pathways are well lit for safety, but you also want to show off that rose bush you painstakingly nurtured or the fountain you couldn't wait to bring home. Trash cans and other eyesores, you will want to keep hidden. You are painting a picture with light in your yard, just as you painted one when you Landscaped. The key is to create a balance, highLighting a few spots and providing Lighting transitions between them. While there are no rules, careful thought and planning are required as too much Lighting creates a busy panorama and too little leaves an unfinished portrait.

Line voltage Lighting systems

Line voltage Lighting systems run on the same power which runs your house (120 volts) and, therefore, requires the expertise of an electrical contractor to install. In some cases, local permits may be required for installation. 120v wires must be buried 18 inches underground or placed in a protective conduit and all fixtures and connectors must be completely waterproof. Due to these requirements, 120v systems are relatively permanent once they are installed. Their lamps and fixtures are larger, as well as being higher wattage, and produce high light levels. This is beneficial for brightly lit parking lots but less so in residential gardens. For this reason, line voltage systems are better suited to large-scale commercial and institutional applications.

Low voltage Lighting systems

Low voltage Lighting systems are more practical in residential areas as they are small, flexible and do not require an electrician for installation. Except for the transformer that is connected to the 120v circuit, all the fixtures run on harmless 12v current. The cables need only be hidden, not buried, which allows for great flexibility as your Landscape matures and changes. Furthermore, low voltage systems are designed for wet locations and pose no shock hazard when exposed to moisture. Low watt lamps are available in many beam sizes and colors, allowing for more precise Lighting effects with lower energy costs. One drawback to low voltage systems is that dim lights from the voltage drop can occur over long distances. To prevent this, it is important to construct a comprehensive Lighting plan in order to install the correctly sized transformer and consult a professional regarding proper engineering and adequately sized cables.

Traditional low voltage versus LED low voltage

LED Landscape bulbs are the "green" alternative in Landscape Lighting but the environment isn't the only thing you'll help save. As LED bulbs use approximately 75% less electricity than an incandescent bulb of similar lumens, your pocketbook will benefit as well. LED bulbs can last up to 30 years, where standard bulbs need to be replaced every year or so. Furthermore, because LED fixtures are smaller, they allow for Lighting designs which previously may have been impossible due to the limitations of standard systems. For example, they can be moved more easily as a tree matures or if you decide to change the Landscape. While the initial cost of LED fixtures may be slightly higher, over the course of a Lighting system's lifetime, LED systems can save you 40-50%.

Solar panel powered outdoor Lighting

As solar technology improves, innovative companies are expanding the utilization of solar energy and outdoor Lighting is not left behind. By using solar panels to power outdoor lights, homeowners, businesses, neighborhoods and municipalities can save thousands of dollars by eliminating electrical and maintenance costs. Furthermore, solar panels bring the availability of light to areas where the electrical power grid is not accessible, opening up numerous possibilities.

Business signs

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 89% of all businesses that fail, do so because of improper signage. Business signs are the most targeted advertising you can do for your company but if a sign is not visible when the sun goes down the company is losing valuable "advertising time." 85% of customers to a business come from within a five mile radius and by not continually displaying your availability to those potential customers you open the door for your competition. Solar panel powered outdoor lights effectively light up your business signs and monuments without the hassle of tearing up landscaping and parking lots, laying wires or dealing with electricians and utility companies. A fast, effective way to put a literal spotlight on your company, the investment will quickly pay for itself.

Park, parking lot and street lights

A number of styles of overhead and shelter solar panel lights are available to light up parking lots, streets, campuses, parks and shelters. Designed to provide highly efficient and controlled white Lighting, lamp and pole styles are similar to those traditionally used although with much less installation and maintenance hassle. With no wiring, installation is much cheaper than traditional Lighting as no concrete or landscaping needs to be torn up and reset and there is no waiting for the utility company to connect the lights. There is also no aged wiring to replace years down the road. With no maintenance or utility bills, municipalities and business owners can save thousands of dollars by implementing these solutions for Lighting up public areas.

Monument Lighting for subdivisions

Solar panel powered lights can be installed on subdivision monuments and entrances located in more remote areas or on monuments placed in between lanes on a split lane road. This allows previously unlit signs to be illuminated, increasing awareness and safety at road intersections. Having a lighted sign also increases perceived value of a subdivision's location, which benefits those selling homes in the neighborhood. Prospective buyers are unconsciously influenced by these seemingly minor details.

Lighting Glossary

Accent Lighting is used to highlight a particular object or area, such as a spotlight on a statue or flower bed or Lighting along a pathway. This type of Lighting focuses and commands the viewer's attention.

Fill-in Lighting is background Lighting used to draw the viewer's eye seamlessly from one accented area to another. Used as a transition, fill-in Lighting ties the overall Landscape picture together. Examples include backLighting a tree, washing a wall or flooding a row of trees with soft light.

Moon Lighting, or down Lighting, mimics nature by creating the illusion of moon light filtering through the trees. Achieved by mounting lights in trees facing downward and requires special fittings so as not to damage trees.

Cross Lighting is achieved by mounting lights on either side of an object to reveal detail and soften shadows.

Up Lighting uses fixtures that are placed at ground level and angled upward to highlight an object.

Spread Lighting uses circular patterns of light to illuminate flowers and low shrubs from above.

Silhouetting, or back Lighting, is achieved by placing a light behind an object for a striking effect.

Shadowing is created by placing lights in front of an object at ground level and pointing the beam upwards to throw the shadow of the object onto a surface behind it.

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When it comes investing your hard earned money, you want to know it will be as safe as possible and that you will see a return. Real estate investing will provide both peace of mind and a return on what you have put into it. Below are some Tips that will help you while pursuing your money making endeavor.

When buying an apartment building that already has occupants, carefully review their applications. Find out who their employers are as this can be very useful information. Certain companies are sure to experience difficulties along the way and you don't want to wind up purchasing an apartment building only to find many of your tenants will probably be laid off soon and unable to pay rent. Also find out how many tenants pay rent late and whether or not a fee is charged and paid when rent is not turned in on time. This will give you an idea of what to expect in your immediate future and will help you decide whether or not you should even make the purchase.

What many homeowners are coming to realize is that Outdoor Landscape Lighting is the most inexpensive manner in which you can extend your living space into your yard. With a porch, you can create an Outdoor space perfectly apt for socializing and entertaining. You can emphasize your new socializing area with Outdoor Landscape Lighting. This Lighting can be used to light a footpath from the sidewalk to the porch or from the front of the house to a porch in the rear.

Whatever your particular style, it is important that upon determining what Outdoor Landscape Lighting works best with your Landscape design you also consider your climate. A porch can function as a focal point for your home, a venue for entertaining visitors, and a means of creating an impression on the community and neighborhood, while also functioning as an integral part of an overall exterior design.

It is important that when you extend your Outdoor living space you consider the style and efficiency of the best Outdoor Lighting. You should ensure that your Outdoor Landscape Lighting creates the statement for which you are looking. If you utilize poor Outdoor Landscape Lighting then you can endure a slew of issues.

Finding an Outdoor Landscape Lighting design that is suitable for your creative needs is the only way to create the statement you want.

The first step in selecting which Outdoor Lighting designs you want to integrate into your porch is listing how much light you want to generate. Some people prefer to establish a low undertone of Lighting, or multiple Lighting layers, or a bright light which creates the feel of an interior room. It is important to next consider the type of porch light fixtures you want to use as well as any necessary safety concerns. The next list is non-essential items such as the desired size, shape, and designs for which you are looking.

Safety concerns to consider for your Outdoor Lighting include selecting a design which meets your originality and personality but one which can adhere to any weather or temperature changes in your area. You want to also consider their placement and whether that area is exposed to regular play from children and would present a hazard for the children. It is best to place all Outdoor Landscape Lighting out of reach of small children. Of course, seeing the selected Outdoor Lighting fixtures is best done in your yard and not in a catalogue. Be sure to visit a garden center where you can see the fixtures erect and mounted.

One of the best aspects of Outdoor Landscape Lighting is that it does not convey the same artificial distortion that interior lights do. Instead, it displays light in an authentic fashion. You can look online or offline for the perfect Outdoor Landscape Lighting fixture for your porch. Do not be afraid to compare prices, but also to compare the potential future costs associated with different makes and models as well as the life span and potential maintenance that each will require.

Alecca Jackson is a professional writer who provides tips and information on Outdoor Landscape Lighting and garden Lighting for Glow Gardens.

Landscape lighting systems are those that are used for outdoor lighting, garden, patio or path lighting. It may be of neon lights, light bulbs, night, torches or lamps, as long as it serves the purpose of providing illumination in a given area outside. It adds charm and collected illuminated lighting to be established as the direct object is illuminated.

There are many types of Landscape lighting, and those that are most popular andgaining great interest when it comes to outdoor lighting design and low-voltage lights are Malibu. These are the ones that usually with minimal lighting low voltage than standard systems or regular. These are good for garden ups because there is too much current when you turn, saves a lot of easy and helps you save energy.

Malibu lights are good for decoration only structures in the Landscape and are wellsupplier of Light paths and gateways. These come in various shapes and designs oriental style pagoda or that. Malibu lights are considered a favorite, as celebrated for their role with modernized to be used by most hotels and other facilities for their entry into the foreign market or paths.

These are just some of the lights Landscape art optical recommended to change the open and to build a masterpiece. can compose a good body great open-airIf you have provided great variety of ways, so light lit it with the Landscape. It 'not only used as decoration, but serves as a good imagination optical optical image of the whole area in general. Many people today prefer this type of modern art for your garden, to give away a different stimulus in his garden and make a dramatic entry in the individual all the space.

Landscape lighting makes things seem easier and more peaceful than everThe information will be turned on and dial the face of some importance in all new or Landscape. Most designers use this fantastic lighting kits perfect their craft and works of art when it comes to Landscape.

When you choose the right Landscape lighting, you have to be sure, all the information list is installed within the composition, do not confuse to buy them. You must be an imaginary portrait of how you should be able to get good peopledial lighting to choose the right lighting for all project information. Landscape lighting vary in shape, size, color and composition, we suggest that you first know your choice and taste, before yourself to shopping for these items. Most of the lights above the field capacity and price of the cheapest to most expensive. What matters is that you have good skills at the right price, so that the excess of the budget for the LandscapeLighting. Explore the first only via the Internet or in magazines, where you buy the cheapest yet good quality Landscape lighting, use the resources to help you save time and money with these things.

If you take pride in your property and decorate it with tasteful trees, shrubbery and flowers, then why not enjoy the space by night as well as by day? Landscape Lighting is growing in popularity and has become very affordable. The right outdoor Lighting will allow you to enjoy your garden after dark and it provides better safety and security. In this article, we've got some great Tips about installing and placing Lighting to enhance the outside beauty of your home.

When purchasing Landscape Lighting, decide what you want to light, select the appropriate Lighting techniques, select the appropriate Lighting fixtures and accessories, select the appropriate bulbs, and choose the power supply. It's a good idea to draw a rough plan on paper for a shopping list or take some digital pictures. The best way to decide where the lights should go is to go into the yard at night with a good flashlight and try Lighting different areas from different angles.
Positioning the lights correctly is essential to effective Lighting. Stunning effects can be achieved by using a mixture of techniques using one or more of them. Up Lighting is often used to accent a tree with the fixture at the base. Down Lighting is the same idea only the fixture is up high and shines down. This is a great way to show off flower beds, paths or steps.

SpotLighting creates a focal point by illuminating an object like a fountain. One of the most dramatic techniques you can use is back Lighting. By placing the light behind a subject it will appear in silhouette. This can be an extremely effective technique with dramatically shaped trees, shrubs or garden ornaments. Finally, you can highlight a feature by using cross Lighting which is shining two fixtures from different directions to add dimension. Remember to be considerate of your neighbors and do not shine the brightness into their windows.

Installing outdoor Lighting can be tricky business, so be careful. If you don't have the knowledge to work with electricity safely, then spend a little extra and get an electrician to do the work. Solar ones are a popular choice because they are easy to install, require no wiring and won't increase your use of electricity since sunlight charges a solar panel that powers the light at night. Shop around since solar ones can often be found on sale and at discount stores. If your Landscape is complicated or expansive, then consider hiring a Landscaper or professional outdoor Lighting designer to help.

Outdoor Lighting can make a huge difference in the appearance and value of your home. Before you go crazy and light up your property like a Christmas tree, remember that less is definitely more when it comes to Landscape Lighting. Choose the areas that you want to highlight, select attractive fixtures, and direct the lights so that they effectively illuminate the best features on your property. Once you do these things, you'll end up with a tasteful, polished looking yard that will be comfortable as well as attractive.

solar landscape lighting is one of the most versatile ways to make home improvements to your outdoor space. Many residents think about how you want to do landscape lighting in your garden, deck or patio, and walk along some dark road. The biggest problem is digging the whole work to train the model, the yard to bury power lines complicated, and all other aspects.

With solar landscape lighting, your ideasThe reality may be, without all the hard work. Many products of landscape lighting to use energy from the sun to power them. No need to blow up the yard, and until the area has pass the sun, it can be almost anywhere. While many of these are self-employed, some of which have a cut-off solar panel, provided that the panel has pass the sun, the light can also be placed in shady areas.
Here's how it works solar landscape lighting systems. Let'stake a real landscape lighting products such as light a pyre. These are the lights that orchard on a press that stake into the ground to light a dark path are attached. A solar model would be a small solar panel on the cover of the light. During the day light would eject the disk Ant, storage of electricity in a rechargeable battery. As the sun went down, it would be light with this stored energy. The lights that are used today are not the same as those of only a few yearsbefore. Some of the lamps that turn a bright light, but the use of 20% energy of a normal LED bulb. With these lamps is turned on longer, sometimes up to ten hours.

Today, you can also solar landscape lighting products for almost any project you can think of. If you are interested, there are many different sites. You can choose between the lights of the game, after the light, and the lights. In addition, you can also use a large collection of various solar products for outdoor useU.S. wells, pond pumps and sprinkler systems also.

With solar landscape lighting can increase the value of your home in two ways. good home improvements can always raise the value of assets. With this type of landscape lighting will save money on electricity bills because they do not absorb energy from the home network. big factor in whether or when to sell your home. It also goes to environmental aspects that generate electricity from clean, renewable energy made from sunshine.

Pricesdepends on how high solar landscape lighting is the light, if the built in solar panel or a cut-off cable as well as style, landscape lighting. You can post grand old sun lamp for about thirty dollars to a couple of points to get. They offer a company that sells many different types to find, and that the free shipping you order products. Make sure that each Underwriter's Laboratories listed and comes with some kind of guarantee, if it isby the manufacturer or dealer.