Using LED lights in the Landscape is a great way to be able to see your Yard during the hours of darkness. Using Landscape Lighting has many different benefits from the added security of being able to see into your Yard to the visual appeal it gives when used as an accent Lighting for a focal point in the Landscape.

LED lights have many added benefits and are a much greener solution than using conventional bulbs. They are much more economical due to their longer lifespan, increased durability and energy saving qualities over the conventional type of light bulb.

There are many other reasons to use LED lights to turn your Landscape into an eco-friendly Yard. The LED Landscape is both environmentally friendly and also economically smart. Since LED lights use less energy than conventional lights they save on our energy costs. They also have longer lifetimes than other light bulbs and therefore create less waste than other types of lights.
The light emitting diode, or LED, has been sold for about 50 years. These lights have come a long way since first being employed and are now much safer, durable, last longer, are more efficient and cost less than they did when first used.

LED lights are extremely efficient, especially when you compare them to standard halogen bulbs. LED's use 90 percent less energy than halogen bulbs which means you pay only around 10 percent of the normal costs when it comes to your electric bill. LED's are also produced without using harmful and poisonous chemicals such as mercury, which is another great reason to use them.

LED's have an incredible lifetime. When you compare these bulbs to halogen lights you can see the amazing differences between them. Standard halogens last for about 3000 hours while specialty halogens last for about 12000. LED's last much longer at about 40000 hours of life. If you turned them on and never turned the lights off they would last for around 4 and a half years in total.

These bulbs are extremely efficient and another added bonus to using them in your Landscape is that they produce a large amount of light for how little energy they use, the perfect compliment to any Landscape. You can see the obvious benefits to using these bulbs when choosing a type of Lighting for your Landscape.

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