Bollard Lights are a very specific type of outdoor light, sometimes referred to as post
Lights because of their design. The word Bollard stems from the nautical term used to describe the specific type of post that ships would tie to when they were docked.

The earlier fixtures, keeping with this sailing theme, had a nautical look to them with a cylindrical post and rounded top. This style is still readily available but as the demand for outdoor Lighting increases and the styles evolve to meet the needs so have the available styles of Bollard Lights. You can now find a variety of styles and sizes of these type of Lights.

Residential Uses

While Bollard Lighting is most commonly used for outdoor commercial Lighting or in public areas these Lights can also be used quite effectively in residential areas as well. Residential Bollard Lighting can be used to create an attractive Lighting design that will help create a cozy outdoor environment. It can also be used for added security or to increase visibility at night.

The residential areas are where most people want to take advantage of the newer decorative styles available like the zen, mission or column style Bollard Lights. Some of these styles can really add distinction to your yard while adding better visibility. They can also be incorporated into a Landscape design that will enhance both the look of the light itself and the landscaping.

They can be used at the beginning of a driveway, by the entrance to the home, to light outdoor stairs or around the deck or patio. How to use them best will depend on the size and shape of the yard. Mini or compact Bollards can also be a great addition to a garden or Landscaped area of the yard.

Business Uses

Bollard Lights are popular type of outdoor commercial Lighting. They are most commonly used to light pathways; typically a row of evenly spaced Lights are used to illuminate the path. But they can also be used in Landscaped areas of the parking lot to add additional light to the parking lot and to the Landscape design, or at the entry of a building to add light and create a safer environment at the entryway. Sometimes they are used to light the company sign or logo at a business.

Other Uses

Bollard Lights also work well at parks, pedestrian malls or in community owned neighborhood association areas. They can be used to create a distinct separation between pedestrian areas and areas used for vehicle traffic. They can be used along paths. They can also simply be used strategically to add light for increased safety and visibility.

Because Bollard Lights are durable and weatherproof they are perfect for a variety places where outdoor Lighting is wanted or needed.

In essence, for as long as humans have been around, Landscape Lighting has been a part of society. Landscape Lighting is not only used for aesthetic appeal, but also for safety, and simply for light to be able to see where you are going. Prior to the introduction of electricity as the main power source for lights, Landscape Lighting was powered by gas, and before that, there were candles and torches or lanterns covered with animal or plant oils. If you consider Landscape Lighting any Lighting that is used outside, it is certain that you would be able to come up with many forms of it. Street lights, lit up signs, and even your porch light. What is more interesting though, in the opinion of many Landscapers, is Lighting used to add dimension and appeal to outdoor features. Below are a few ideas of ways to use Landscape Lighting to make your home more unique and beautiful. Adding lights along your driveway is like calling out to your guests "you have arrived!" It makes a first impression on visitors that they will not soon forget because of the beautiful entrance it provides to your property. Lighting a water feature truly brings it to life. Of course a water feature is beautiful on its own, but when you add illumination to the feature, you are adding so much more than just light. You are adding reflection, sparkle, and vibrance. The light also makes the water feature more visible in the night when you invite people over to your home for parties or dinners. You may not have fountains like the Bellagio in Las Vegas, but with the right illumination, your home water feature could add a lot to your overall Landscape. When you add light to the side of a building or to the side of your home, you draw attention to it in a positive way. A home with Landscape Lighting that points to the walls outside of the house seems to glow at night. It shows that you are confident in your home and you want people to notice the beautiful details of it throughout the whole day and night. Consequently, Lighting the outside of your home makes it less of an attractive stop for burglars. Burglars cannot creep unnoticed through your yard and up to your home when you have high powered Landscape Lighting illuminating the whole area. So whether it is for safety, general Lighting of a street or walkway, or to add beauty and aesthetic appeal to a home, Landscape Lighting is a great investment.

If you have ever walked through a yard with a professionally installed Landscape Lighting system, then you know exactly how enchanting it can make even the most ordinary yard feel. With the help of your electrician, you can come up with a plan to create an original, and inviting atmosphere in your yard, with just a few simple Low Voltage lights. Furthermore, appropriate Lighting can actually make your property safer, as it reduces places for people to hide. Whenever you arrive back at home in the middle of the night, having appropriate Lighting can make you feel much more safe and secure. You can use Lighting to light a path, highlight certain features or just provide light in areas that are prone to shadows. These lights can help make sure that you always get to where you're going safely. By using Low Voltage Lighting, you can avoid being the annoying neighbor who has bright lights pointed in every which direction. In addition to these benefits, Low Voltage Landscape Lighting is very appealing due to its affordability. This makes them ideal for a variety of areas around your home, including front Landscape beds, decks and backyard pool areas. Although there are a variety of options that you can install yourself, there are some definite benefits to working with a professional when it comes to installing your Landscape Lighting. While store-bought Lighting kits may be appealing due to their Low price and seemingly simple installation, working with a professional is the best option for the long run. Although this typically comes at a higher price, the resulting product is much more polished, long lasting and properly installed. As a rule, your electrician installs high quality Lighting that is built to withstand years of use under a variety of weather conditions. Furthermore, professionally installed outdoor Lighting systems do not rely on unsightly converter boxes and unburied cables. Instead, your electrician will bury any required wiring and place any necessary boxes out of sight. If you do decide to install your own outdoor Landscape Lighting, one of the most popular options is solar powered lights. In contrast to older Lighting systems, solar powered garden lights do not need any of the cords and transformers that can clutter up your garden. Instead, solar lights are equipped with very small solar panels that charge a rechargeable battery throughout the day. Whenever it is dark, a photovoltaic sensor turns the lights on, utilizing the power that was collected throughout the day. Regardless of the route that you take for your new Landscape Lighting project, you will be amazed by how much of an effect it can have on your garden, outdoor living space or other parts of your home. With the addition of just a few lights, you can effectively turn a dark and uninviting outdoor space into a comfortable, safe and inviting atmosphere.