LED Lighting (Lighting Emitted Diodes) is a new trend in Lighting technology (introduced in the 1990s) and is being used in many creative ways in the Landscape today. LED Lighting has a lot of advantages over traditional Lighting, such as halogen and incandescent lamps, in that they are more durable (they are not affected by vibration, which is great for applications like cars and motorcycles) thus always giving off a steady stream of light. Also, they can last up to 200,000 hours before replacement is required and they use much less power than traditional Lighting, although some will need to be replaced after 50,000 hours. On average, LEDs will use about 80% less power, saving customers money throughout the year and conserving lots of energy. There are quite a few models out there that operate on solar power which can eliminate the monthly energy operation costs associated with Lighting. Another advantage to LED Lighting is that when the light does begin to burn out, it will slowly lose power and light as opposed to incandescent lights which just "burn out" without warning.
One of the great benefits of LED Landscape Lighting is that they come in a range of colors and you can really get creative with them. Think about how you could use blue LEDs to highlight a portion of your garden that has Blue Salvia or a cascading fountain. Or how a red LED could be used to do the same with mass plantings of red Petunias or Geraniums. The possibilities are endless! Many times LED Lighting is used in the modern themed Landscape to accentuate architectural features, such as columns, fountains or planters.

But, here are a few disadvantages that you should consider when thinking about LED Lighting. If you live in the northern states, snow accumulation on the lights can be a problem since they do not produce enough heat to keep snow and ice melted off of the casing. They run at about 60 degrees celsius, which is great in most circumstances, but freezing and bursting can also be an issue for those in cold climates. Also, LEDs don't produce quite as much light as halogens and incandescents so keep that in mind when designing your system. You may want to use a mixture of incandescent, globe Lighting and LED Lighting in your Landscape to adequately light your space. However, some manufacturers are making advances in technology allowing them to offer LED light products that are comparable to the traditional incandescent lights.

Overall, LED Lighting is a great way to add creativity and flavor to the Landscape. Plus, the savings that they offer in terms of energy make it an attractive option for outdoor Lighting.

My name is Carey Dodson and I am a Landscape designer with over 20 years of experience in design, installation and maintenance of Landscapes. Learn more how Landscape Lighting can impact your outdoor spaces and increase the value of your home.

The installation of modern Landscape Lighting has become popular with today's homeowners and this trend looks set to continue. The addition of lights to any patio or garden area can make it look incredibly eye-catching as well as provide useful functionality, making use of the garden in more practical ways. Of course adding any great number of external lights may become quite expensive and consequently for some people it is very important to make sure you find cheap Landscape Lighting. Buying cheap things can however lead to a number of problems if not dealt with carefully effectively.

You'll soon discover that there are a couple of different kinds of "cheap" Lighting products:

Cheap and Nasty - as products are produced in higher quantities and manufactured with poor quality materials - not ideal!
Cost-effective - simply because, for any of a number of legitimate reasons, it is great quality Lighting fixtures that have been reduced in selling price. Happy times!

Obviously you'd like the cost-effective type from above. Mass manufactured low quality light items might appear to be a tempting offer however you should look at the long run problems that may arise. Lighting fixtures produced from low-cost plastic or materials that can rapidly rust and degrade, will simply not last any length of time. You will find you are replacing all of them after a few years at best and then have to purchase more. Keep in mind, outside house lights and light fittings will be exposed to the weather unlike their interior counterparts. You will need that extra robustness in the quality for outside Lighting options.

Think about safety. A lot of the cheap outdoor Lighting you can see may well have been brought in from nations, with at best, suspect health and safety requirements. Look for labels and any paperwork, if there's no reference to safety information - avoid these products. All properly certified lights will have some sort of documentation relating to health and safety issues, often in the form of attached labels. Electricity, specifically when used outside, can be extremely dangerous. You should not endanger you or your family's safety simply to save a bit of money.

Search for light fittings that may be on special offer. Good quality, highly regarded manufacturers will sometimes discount their more outdated models to create space in their stores for the latest updated models - this can be a good way to buy top quality at low prices. Ask for any ex display products that may be available for sale, as well as products with defective packing or slight cosmetic damage. Do not be shy, be bold and make it clear you are there to buy but are working within a tight budget; any decent sales assistant will probably be pleased to chase any final sale.

Web based sources are usually great for bargain hunting, and they are faster to search than heading out to the shops. Sites such as eBay and Amazon provide new and used Lighting products and you may frequently come across 2nd grade light fittings that may have only slight defects that stop them being sold in main stores.

To sum up... search, search and search again to find the best bargains you can but don't skimp over the quality of the lights you pay for. Think of places you might find deals of any sort. But also bear in mind that saving a couple of dollars now may not be cost effective in the long term - if you buy poor quality products that do not last.

Michael Orr is a keen writer and researcher with a range of areas of expertise. He is always keen to simplify what others make complicated. Visit his web properties for more ideas and information about outdoor Lighting and to find out about LED grow lights.

LED Landscape Lighting is a great way to brighten your home and outdoor space. LED Lighting can add brightness and beauty to any outdoor area. You can use LED lights to illuminate your driveway, garden or patio. If you like to use your deck or patio at night, LEDs can provide the Lighting you need to enjoy the space after dark. With a variety of designs and sizes, there is Lighting to fit every need. But LED Landscape Lighting is one of the most Environmentally friendly options available.

Today, people are concerned about the Environment. Because LED lights are energy efficient, they are becoming more and more popular. Individuals, families and businesses choose LED lights to save money on their energy bills as well as help the Environment.
The term LED is the abbreviation for light emitting diode. This device uses electrical energy to create light. LED technology is not new. However, LED in light bulbs is relatively new.

When compared to less efficient Lighting, LEDs have very low energy consumption. LED lights use about 10 percent the power of standard halogen light bulbs. They can slash your outdoor energy consumption by up to 90 percent. Moreover, LED lights are free of mercury and hazardous chemicals. So using LEDs to light your Landscape can actually help save the planet.

LED Landscape Lighting also has a very long bulb life. You can generally get about 3,000 hours of bulb life from standard halogen light. You may be even be able to find special lights that last 12,000 hours. But none of these lights can compare to the LED light bulb. LED bulbs last at least 40,000 hours. This feature alone can save you quite a bit of money. Plus, you will not have to replace your bulbs for several years.

LEDs are an excellent choice for Lighting outdoor spaces. Today, homeowners are spending more time outdoors. They are building spaces that allow them to spend more time in their yards. With a variety of designs and styles, you can find LED Lighting that will accent your outdoor space. Some spaces may need more light than others. LEDs comes in a variety of voltages, so you can find the right brightness, color and intensity to suit your personal needs.

Consider LED Landscape Lighting if you are looking for an eco-friendly option to illuminate your Landscape. LED Landscape lights are energy efficient, they save money and they also have an exceptionally long bulb life.

Get more information and details about how easy you can find the best LED Landscape Lighting available today! You will find a complete selection of beautiful Bollard Lights to take your garden to a whole new level fast!

Halloween means time for creativity
Halloween is a great time of fun for kids of all ages. But it can also be a fun and creative time for the whole family. It is estimated that 50% of Americans alone will decide to do some Halloween decorations, but if you're one of those who do not have your house decorated before, perhaps your year is to give it a shot. There are a few ways to make your house look very scary for little money.Moreover, it is nothing but fun for all the action of the family. Here are some ways in contrast to Halloween for the creation of an environment scary, but fun.
lighting options

The lights are a good start, if the psychological point of Halloween lighting. They come in a variety of colors such as orange, black, green and purple as well as other colors and are relatively inexpensive. They are also in different forms such as Halloween pumpkins, goblins, ghosts and candy ready. You can hangof trees and shrubs lining the fences or on the eaves of the house.

LED lighting is another example of lighting and Halloween is also much cheaper than tradtional lighting because it consumes far less energy. Many now offer the flashing lights or LED buttons for Halloween and are available in many bright colors. You can also buy a maximum of light with colored lenses to help Led origin mood. LED lighting is now available, in costumes, candles and even garlands.

Solarlighting is a point where there are comparable in quality and effectiveness to other types of lighting ex has developed. solar lights require no electricity, because they store the sun during the day and use it to derive its own electricity. Moreover, they are in Halloween decorations and can be shaped ghosts, zombies and various other disturbing.

light projection is also a good option, because fear is nothing but projects images on to your house, sidewalk or otherObjects.

One way scary, something fun, not replace, the bank will add your outside light cover to cover with Spooky Halloween. It can be scary in a variety of colors and shapes often get for under $ 10. They are temporary cover, remove them to save and use again next year.

When it comes to lights for Halloween, a favorite for many people is shocking black light. They produce a dark purple glow after the sun sets and costumes and HighlightsMake-up, are fluorescent. You can also get from black lights, and replace existing outdoor lighting or buy with a perfect light.

Stand-alone lighting another option. These decorative pieces are themed Halloween is part of the company and have and a component of their lighting. They may have pumpkins, halloween lighted trees, tombstones, ghouls, goblins and lots of different topics.

Use this as an opportunity to involve the whole house! Choose a dayand spend some time together going to the store to catch the light and have fun with the lights on Halloween.

Outdoor LED can help save energy for outdoor lighting, which consumes very little power. But before you go stocking lights solar LED landscape lights or safety, you should first cost of energy products life cycle to buy what you think and how you literally need for outdoor lighting.

If you are going to turn your backyard you so that it looks nice for 10 seconds every night you seeit, you might want to do a cost-benefit analysis. And as for security lighting, did you know that for sure will be light all the time, not only causes light pollution (for those of us inclined to the view the stars), but it can literally make men to break into the house?
We may share outdoor LED lights according to their source of energy, tension, and its purpose.

For the current source, the decisions in solar energy (all in one device, or separate solar panel with wiringThe connection to the light), connected to the grid or battery. LED lights are available in a variety of stresses, with 120 for the voltage, the most popular 12-volt direct current, as this follows a power source for bad taste solar energy systems. The goal, security, security / utility regulation.

Solar energy is a source of energy specific to external LED lights. There are a lot of cheap products that focus on a solar module, battery and LED lights for outdoors, so thatSunlight captured during the day is released at night.

You probably have the old style incandescent or fluorescent lights solar landscape, usually green or chrome-plated stainless steel saw. They consist of a pole is put in the ground, more light, and a small photovoltaic module cheap-looking top. Also generally very low light yield, and only in the evening. Why is that? There are literally three reasons:

1. The photovoltaic modules with low quality - how can wesell it for $ 2.50 each?

2. The batteries are low quality, so that they stop paying much more than a few weeks after storage.

3. The lights are incandescent or fluorescent. It's better than fluorescent bulbs, but is not nearly as effective as the LED.

Good quality solar LED landscape lights to solve these problems with a higher potential for solar panels, improved battery technology, and especially check out the LED less power. Of course, if you buy LEDSpot lights for $ 2.50, it is likely that not too soon. There is no substitute for quality.

Solar floodlights and security lights in the rule with higher quality, higher capacity batteries and solar panels shine like LED landscape. But they also need more sunlight, so if you make sure you buy one of these is a place that becomes a couple of hours of sunshine per day, payment. Some flood or security lighting to LED at a distance of wire between the plate and the light comingto give more flexibility in where the pot.

But remember that the exterior lighting to low energy consumption LED light that a grid-connected LED can make more sense. For example, using a rope 50 feet long guided only 40 watts - if it is only 3 hours per day during the year is less than $ 5 a year for current expenses. Have you saved money on a solar panel and batteries, a few other things, upgrading energy efficiency more profitable.

security lights / Utilities are all the lightsto help you out safe and effective use of outside areas. For example, LED lights to illuminate an orchard or a backyard for the evening meal, and a solar-powered LED light will help you to a dark shed with no connections to run away from home.

Outdoor LED to create an environment or mood may be low-intensity lights at ground level, the light, a way of orchard trees or plants, or other characteristics of the site. Or they can rope lights or light strings in a compound, are orchardBorder or in a tree.

LED Safety with a request for a retrial of a light sensor light outside when motion is detected at night. Since the use of LED light and electricity are usually not very long (if you have a thief in the special care on the porch, or a very hungry raccoon) light, much can be achieved, even a solar-powered LED light curtain safety get a small solar panel and small units integrated battery.

The simplest choice for a title-LEDLight, if you already have an external security light, is to replace the existing incandescent lamp with an LED light device. Also in this case is a solar module, a good conversation piece at a party patio, but it is not the most efficient use of your money.

If you light up your outdoor spaces, so that you can eat out, find the way to the carport in the night, a barbecue in the dark, otherwise the court would like to enter into an extension of the inner life, there are a number of large externalLED lighting options.

LED rope lights that can illuminate an outside light is sufficient for a collective environment. You can string of rope lights LED along fences, wall or bring it to line a path with them. You can literally stand in connection to the network (just plug them in) and you can buy lengths anywhere from 8 to 150 meters on foot rolls.

LED lights are solar-powered battery or simply grilLED LED is used to see what is available on Barbie, out of darkness when it happens. To stretchan unheated room on the grid and the unit can check their light directly down on the grid to verify that for this grid marks are perfectly aligned, or level of cooking meat.

LED lights are typically the scale solar modules, in which you place a small solar panel on an outside wall or roof shed, overlooking the main street of the sun and the light in the doorway or inside the room, you can find what you are see. Of course, only a section of transparent plastic roofMaterial down instead of plywood and asphalt will be plenty of light from morning to night, so the information is literally only required if you use after dark in the shed.

could be the line between safety, utility and the setting is a bit 'blurred, as seen in the first position, the plate of food you have a security issue, while the soft lighting can be a candle at the table mood. While we're at the table, it starts with your meal.

LED candleseducated to a wide selection of lighting, indoor and outdoor table. These candles are made of transparent plastic, which made the look of real wax, have a small sliver of black on top and a flashing LED light inside the interior, creating the impression of a candle. LED candles are battery and one battery can last up to 200 hours or more.

LED Umbrella are other possibilities battery-powered}. Are mounted on the shaft of the umbrella and lights in the table below.

LEDLandscape lighting lamps significant transfer increasingly popular, but always dim solar landscape sold in the last 10-15 years. LED post cap lights are a new addition: it extends over the top of the 4x4 wooden stakes along the edge of your patio can create. They are locked in a proper position and have a solar chip in the tip of the cap on payment of the built-in battery during the day. The light is emitted from a glass surface under the cap. This secure your contributions from rain damage better than a wooden stakeCap and offer free lighting at night for years.

We will see more and more LED technology has improved the potential for gain as the costs are low electricity prices and increasing. I am glad of this improvement for two reasons Me: We need our energy consumption as much as possible to avert the worst effects of climate change, cutting, LEDs can do without, and for those of us who have already migrated to the beginning of lights by installing lower wattage fluorescent lamps, we hadgenerally suffer from ugly, blinding light of our LED light bulbs and tubes and, unlike fluorescent lamps, may actually be a natural, soft lighting.

Robin Green is the owner of GreenEnergyEfficientHomes.com a website to help people save energy for heating, cooling, lighting and other energy use in their homes. Other facts of LED lights for inside and outside its pages to see the LED lighting and LED lights inside-out.

These days, Lighting up your garden has gotten a lot easier with the advent of the new solar Lighting methods. Even those of us who are beginners in the Landscape Lighting arena can install it in a very short time.

A breeze to set up and to install, you will find that in just about a half hour you can bring a soft glow to your yard or garden, or offer your family security Lighting. All of this and be accomplished without the need to run wires or make connections. That means that it's not a time consuming or arduous task to get the effect you want from your Landscape Lighting.
For beginners, or those of us who aren't electricians and don't know a great deal about Landscape Lighting, we can still get the appeal of that subtle Lighting that we love. Designing the Lighting for your garden or yard has never been as simple and Easy or as much fun as it can be today.

Before you begin, take stock of the areas of your yard that could use some additional Lighting. Perhaps under stairways, Lighting them gently from the underside, to assure the means to see the steps and ascend them in safety.

Find the areas that could benefit from Landscape Lighting and assess the best methods of Lighting them. Assess any areas of your yard or garden that you particularly like. Find any type of element or inclusion, such as a fountain, statue, or natural elements that you think would make a good focal point for your garden.

In addition, find the areas that are particularly dark and could cause security problems, offering places for an intruder into your yard to find cover. Those areas too could benefit from some Lighting. Contrary to most people's understanding of security Lighting, most yard areas will be more secure with a softer, more understated Lighting such as a solar type Lighting. The reason for this is that very bright security lights tend to cast even more shadows offering better places and better means of concealment.

Lighting up your yard or garden should offer visual appeal, safety, and include artistic elements. Landscape Lighting will actually give your home more curb appeal if done correctly. Consider the style of your home, the overall design of the yard or garden, and any elements that are part of it that you might like to stand out just a little more.

Some Landscape Lighting ideas for beginners that are Easy to accomplish are:

Installation of solar Lighting along a walk way. This can be helpful to find your way in the darkness, as well as to offer a subtle glow and highlight a flower garden or border along the walkway as well.

Subtly lit outdoor furniture-these are new items in outdoor furniture that are actually lit from inside themselves. They offer softer Lighting at the base of an outdoor table or beneath a chair.

A single solar spotlight that is installed directionally. It may point to a tree, a fountain, or a particular statue or garden element that you love and would like to make an accent area in your yard. This is actually very effective in the cooler months, where highLighting a bare tree or even a bird feeder hanging from it is a point of interest.

Make a seating area at some aspect of your yard. Below an awning, in a gazebo, or even under a tree. A single bench and some soft Lighting makes a lovely spot to sit and visit in the late evening.

Take a look around at your yard and find the best areas to install the Lighting. Your Lighting can be unobtrusive, but also offer security and visual appeal at the same time.

Steven A Kent has a great website that gives other terrific ideas to improve your garden. Check out his latest website http://www.wroughtirontrellis.net which reviews and lists the best resources for the garden arch trellis.

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when attempting a DIY Landscape Lighting project is to use the same style of fixtures and angles throughout their yard. When planning your home's landscaping, you wouldn't use only one kind of plant, so why would you use only one kind of light when planning your outdoor Lighting? You don't just want to fill your yard with identical flood lights, but you don't want a scattered assortment of mismatched Lighting fixtures either. For the greatest effect, there should be a balance of consistency and variety.

Up Lighting, in which the fixture is placed in front and below of the object to be lit, is one of the most popular outdoor Lighting techniques. It is versatile and relatively easy to install, illuminating your landscaping or your home with great effect. However, there is a tendency to overuse this method to the exclusion of other techniques.
Instead of having all light coming from in front and below, try placing lights at different heights and angles. For example, a fixture can be mounted in a tree for an interesting and completely different effect. You can also experiment with different wattages, for different levels of dimness or intensity. For instance, you may want your front door to be very brightly lit, but prefer to use softer Lighting around your garden.

To get ideas for your Landscape Lighting design, look for examples of outdoor Lighting that you like. Drive around the neighborhood to look at others' yards, or flip through a magazine or online images galleries. For the best results, contact a professional Landscape Lighting design company to create a custom plan to light up your yard.

Walter Lee Davis is the owner of NightVision Outdoor Lighting, an Atlanta Landscape Lighting company. NightVision provides residential and commercial outdoor Lighting design, installation and maintenance, as well as seasonal Christmas Lighting, and has installed Landscape Lighting in over 3500 homes in its 11 year history.

For more information, visit: http://www.nvLightingga.com/

landscape lighting can to illuminate trees, shrubs, patios and decks are used. You can keep an average of night scenes in a fun place to turn to friends and parties. One way to use landscape lighting to water features such as fountains and pools. If done properly a good landscape lighting system will have significantly improved water. It can be illuminated by a pond or take a wellGlow, but there are a few things before you start the project of illumination of the landscape to reconsider

The first step is to select the correct lighting for your specific project. Well, better to light a submersible pump. Underwater landscape lights under the outside of the pool water is high and pointed in the direction of the body on it. They help to create a dazzling sequence, and illuminate the fountain. It also sheds light on the flow of water in the basin of the sprayedWells. The color filters provide a very simple way to add flavor. Many times the lights with colored lenses, which add a high level of environment can come to your landscape.

Another option is to not use the underwater lighting, which is based on the water feature. Options include solar landscape lighting, landscape lighting bulbs or LEDs. solar landscape lighting is very expensive these days, because it is so easy to install, use no electricity and have much less negativeEnvironmental consequences. LED lighting is also a good option, because it is much less expensive than traditional bulbs (saves up to 50% on electricity consumption) and can last much longer as well. Moonlight globes are a great option for large areas of water like ponds, pools and large fountain. They are battery floating balls that light up and produce a remarkable consistency in the landscape. They can also be wired and fixed near the base ofWater games and generate constant. For parties, they are surprising because the battery version can be stored and saved for later use. An important feature of these areas is the speaker that, because they generate great atmosphere may occur.

Please look at the particular location and the setting is important to note that the water is to solve the type of lighting you want to use. In some cases, the best option, lighting and otherlighting situations may be preferred. Or, as mentioned above, using landscape lighting inside was the lover method.

With proper planning landscape lighting Benin ning can be installed to run it dark and inconspicuous. Other wells have overhead light to surrounding trees or structures are installed.

The precise choice of lighting for your fountain takes some 'planning on your part. We are experimenting with a flashlightat night to see exactly the positions that most will serve you well for the lighting project. Many times, the wells are at the heart of the need for stronger and organery was set on fire. The best idea is, the light is not too powerful, but still lights choose your water feature. Explore a bit 'and before the project planning to ensure that results are what you want.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, one can opt for Led Retrofit and can use outdoor Led lighting. Now one may wonder what's the benefit of using Led lights and why are they gaining so much popularity these days. But when we look deeper and study the advantages of Led Retrofitting then even we would see that using the Led lights at your home can turn out to be a good change.

The normal lights that we use for outdoor lighting take up a lot energy which leads to increased electricity bills. This can lead to increase in cost and leads to depletion of energy. If we switch to outdoor Led lighting then we can look forwards to a reduction in the electricity bill. This is because the Led bulbs use little energy as compared to the incandescent bulbs or the CFL bulbs. This is one of the main reasons that can help you understand how Retrofitting is beneficial.
Another benefit of using the Led bulbs for outdoor lighting is these lights can last for 75,000 hours. On the other hand, the normal incandescent bulbs and the CFL bulbs do not have such a long life and need to be replaced in every few months. This leads to extra overhead charges. On the other hand, since Led lasts for many years, the overhead cost is reduced and one does not have to worry about the maintenance charges.

When it comes to environment then again the Led bulbs are preferred over the normal bulbs. The latter not only uses lot of energy but also emits lead, carbon and heat which is harmful for the environment and increases the pollution level. On the other hand the Led lights are environment friendly as they do not emit any pollutants and heat. This helps us to reduce our carbon footprints.

The outdoor Led lighting is especially very useful in industrial units or commercial units. Opting for Led Retrofits can help them to bring down the costs and reduce the overhead charges and can thus help in reducing the cost of production. Thus there are a number of benefits of opting for the Led Retrofit.

Many companies are now providing with Led Retrofitting and have different kinds of lighting with them. For instance, Energy Smart Industry which deals in Led Retrofitting, offers customized lighting solutions and offer stylish landscape Led lights, garden lights, bollard lights, projector lights and other kinds of fittings.

If you are worried about the installation charges then you can choose companies that offer flexible plans. There are zero out of pocket expense programs wherein you can get the Leds instalLed at no extra cost and have the flexibility to pay back from the savings that are incurred on the electricity bills.

Nowadays many of the commercial and residential buildings are also opting for Led Retrofit. They are not only using them in the building but in the gardens and for billboards as well. It is a great way to save your environment and helps in reducing the expenses.

Are you the sort of person who takes pride in decorating your home so that it can be admired by everyone? If you do then it's no doubt that you don't only take care to have a great indoors but Outdoors as well, right? So when you've put in so much time and energy into making sure that your garden ornaments are arranged right and your plants are cut into shape, a good fall of light can do wonders to further enhance your garden or lawn. Using LED Flood Lights to better your Outdoor can be a great touch and make it great to be outside all the time. Outdoor Lighting can be used for both housing areas and office places as well. They act as safety and security Lights, helps those who pass by see where they're going and shine up a dark street at night. It helps make living in the area feel safer simply because nothing too bad can happen when there's light. The type of Lighting that would get two thumbs up would be this LED Flood Lights because they're effective, cost savers, and have brilliant functionality and not to mention, gentle on our earth as well. They're easily available in a wide variety of colors and designs to suit your home and the sort of theme you may have for your Outdoors. There is even a series for landscaping which you could check out if you want something special and unique. An example of something a little less common would be sidewalk Lights which will give your street a bright illumination and just enough would fall into your house, adding that perfect touch to create a great ambience. If you'd like something more edgy, rope Lights are great too but these are more for homes and not office buildings.

They standard Flood light offers Lighting that is nothing short of good quality and it uses energy at its very minimum which goes easy on your bill and is great on your pocket. It's also great because it has got an amazing lifespan which goes over 10 times more than any other regular home Lighting. It's suitable for the Outdoors because it can stand harsh weathers so it helps you save on getting new bulbs since it won't destroy under thunderstorms and won't burn out too easily as well. If you're a tree hugger and want to do all you can to save the environment that's not doing too well, then you could go for the solar powered option which further reduces the amount of energy used and all you would really need are the solar panels and batteries. Also, these LED bulbs are based with diodes rather than filament which is perfect because it's got greater strength and it doesn't give out as much toxins as others do.

Don't assume that LED Flood Lights are boring because you can get them in a variety of colors all of which you can use to decorate your home or wherever else. You could match them with your furniture and create the perfect setting for romantic dinners, little midnight picnics or other fun activities that would go great with a perfect landscaping in your backyard. You don't have to place the light in a common place but use it to your advantage by Lighting up the sidewalk, giving glow to a fountain or illuminating the walkway, you can do all sorts of things, so get creative!

Click the following links to find more about LED Flood Lighting and LED high bay Lighting.

Landscape Lighting can enhance your home's beauty and usability, and many people choose to tackle this as a DIY home improvement Project. However, there are many benefits to hiring a professional Landscape Lighting designer instead of attempting such a Project on your own. A professional outdoor Lighting designer can offer greater variety in design, customizing a plan to perfectly illuminate your property, as well as a higher level of technical experience.


Creating a good outdoor Lighting plan is not as simple as buying a few flood lights and scattering them around your yard. Different bulbs and fixtures each create a different effect, and placement is critical. A professional Lighting designer knows how to place the fixtures in the most effective layout to highlight your home's best features. A professional will illuminate your property to improve usability without simply flooding the yard with light.

Though it is certainly possible to install Lighting fixtures on your own, it can be a very complicated and tricky process. You'll need the Lighting fixtures, cables, transformers, splices, connectors, etc. You'll need to dig up ground to run cables without interfering with your landscaping. A professional Landscape Lighting designer has experience with these issues, and knows how to choose the right products and install them properly.


If you accidentally snap a cable while digging in your garden, will you know what to do? What if a tree-mounted fixture burns out or breaks? Look for a Landscape Lighting company who will offer you a maintenance agreement, to keep your yard looking its best day and night for years to come.

Walter Lee Davis is the owner of NightVision Outdoor Lighting, an Atlanta Landscape Lighting company. NightVision provides residential and commercial outdoor Lighting design, installation and maintenance, as well as seasonal Christmas Lighting, and has installed Landscape Lighting in over 3500 homes in its 11 year history.

For more information, visit: http://www.nvLightingga.com/

A nice yard and home is a great visual sight during the day. The view can be seen in its entire splendor during the daylight hours. However, one the light fades and night sets in, the beauty becomes hard to see. Fortunately, there is a solution to those who would like to show off their yard through all hours of the day. This option would be Landscape LED Lighting. These lights give homeowners a bright way to highlight some of the best features of their house and yard without outrageous expenses.

LED lights have been around commercially for almost 50 years. Their development has come a long way since then and they are now being marketed for more and more domestic use. Some of the most important aspects of these lights are their cost efficiency, their safety, and their long lifetime. These three elements combined make Landscape LED lights a smart choice for many people.
LED bulbs use very little power; therefore they can be turned on for long periods of time without the worry of a high electric bill. For as little power as they consume, they put out a surprisingly bright light. This is great for those who wish to illuminate features such as decorative shrubs and trees.

Not only can Landscape LED Lighting show off landscaping features, but these lights also put off very little heat. There is no need to worry about something overheating and accidentally starting a fire near a precious plant. An added feature to Landscape LED Lighting is that the bulbs are much more durable than other, more traditional types of bulbs. Since they will be placed in the yard, they may be more prone to taking damage by pets, children, and even lawn mowers.

Landscape LED Lighting is a safe and effective way to light up yards. There are several varieties including lights that can be mounted to shine down from above or placed in the ground to illuminate from below. There are lights that can be placed around walkways as well as lights that can be placed in plant pots in order to illuminate them as well. Rope lights also offer homeowners a creative way to highlight some of their favorite plants and landscaping attributes. Landscape LED Lighting is a safe and cost efficient way to highlight a yard even in the darkest of hours.

Greg has been writing articles for over 4 years. Please visit his latest website about patios and backyards at Outdoor LED Lights, with information on finding the best Landscape LED Lighting and other outdoor-related ideas and discussions that any backyard enthusiast would be interested in.

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Path lighting a collection of bigotry bright and attractive paths in your garden. They illuminate the ways to use them safely at night, while the additional features of a warm glow in your garden.
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Patio lighting

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Garden lighting

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A beautiful landscape can be made more appealing with the help of a perfect Lighting system. Apart from accentuating the style and beauty of the landscape, such Lighting systems are beneficial for security reasons too, as it can discourage intruders as well as nocturnal animals, like skunks, armadillos, raccoons, etc. You may also conduct night parties and other events in your landscape, if it has a proper Lighting system. Though, initially, the emphasis on landscape Lighting was mainly for security reasons and other utilitarian purposes, now, it has emerged as a style statement. There are various types of lights that are Designed for specific purposes, like flood lights, spot lights, down lights, etc. LED landscape Lighting is one of the popular forms of outdoor Lighting and this article deals with this subject.
What is LED Lighting

We all know that incandescent, fluorescent or halogen bulbs have been used as the conventional sources of illumination. Now, the whole scenario has changed with the introduction of more durable and energy saving versions, like, the compact fluorescent bulbs and LED Lighting. What is LED Lighting? LED or light emitting diode refers to a semiconductor device that is used for conversion of electricity to light. Though, the invention of LED technology can be traced back to the 1920s (by Oleg Vladimirovich Losev of Russia), its practical use was started in the U.S., during the 1960s. While, the earlier versions of LED lights were able to produce low intensity red light, nowadays, you can purchase these lights in many different advanced versions. You might have seen LED landscape Lighting that has been used very widely.

As compared to incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs, LED lights are highly energy efficient. It is said that these lights are 1000% more energy than efficient than incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs. As compared to CFLs, LEDs are 300% more energy efficient. LED light bulbs have a longer life and they don't emit UV rays and do not contain any toxins too. Another advantage with these bulbs is that they don't heated and do not attracts insects. These lights are very popular for outdoor Lighting, like, the ones in the landscape. Let us take a look at the various aspects of LED landscape Lighting.

LED Landscape Lighting

Now, you have a basic idea about LED light bulbs and their advantages. Even though, they come with a slightly higher prices, they are cost effective, as they are long lasting and energy efficient. As far as LED landscape Lighting is concerned, you can either go for the solar-powered ones or the standard 12-volt powered ones. While, solar powered LED lights are attached to solar cells that converts sunlight to electricity and rechargeable batteries, the other version requires power from the electric system of your home. So, the latter have to be connected with electric wires that makes the installation of light fixtures, a little bit more difficult as compared to the solar ones. While solar LED lights can fixed on any place with good sunlight, in case of others connecting to the power source can be a problem. But, solar landscape Lighting rely on sunlight, that is not predictable, other type is more reliable. The following are some LED landscape Lighting tips.

If you are confused about how to buy LED landscape Lighting, then, you must first go through the different LED landscape Lighting reviews and get a basic idea understanding about the various types of LED landscape Lightings. Make a sketch of your landscape and the house and mark those places, where you want to install the lights. While, for some locations, Lightings are needed for illuminating the area, some others may be aimed at highLighting something, like a garden ornament or a special plant or statue. You can come up with a LED landscape Lighting Design, including portable floodlights, camping lanterns, flashlights, patio and deck lights, pond lights, up lights, down lights, etc. Use them in the proper manner, at suitable locations. Make sure that the style and material of Lighting installations have to be in sync with the style of your house. For example, ornate Lighting fixtures will be appropriate for a Victorian home.

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Decorating your home is a highly personalized experience as it essentially is a reflection of yourself. One aspect that should not be overlooked when undertaking this task is the outside of your home. Your property Landscape is a blank canvas where you can turn a seemingly ordinary plot of grass and a few trees into a remarkable garden getaway where you can host lawn parties or steal away for a few moments of peace. Without the proper Lighting, however, your option of enjoying this haven can be limited to daylight hours. Classic Landscape Lighting elements offers a way to enjoy your personal outdoor getaway any time of day or night.
Garden stakes are one of the first items that come to mind when thinking about classic Landscape Lighting. These traditionally line paths to illuminate walkways but can also be used to highlight intricate brick and stonework as well as particularly beautiful flower patches. Modern technology now offers these lights in a solar powered option which saves not only energy, but money and time as well. They are designed to automatically turn on at dusk and then switch off at dawn. This saves you time as there is no need to manually operate the lights. Money is also saved as the power source is the sun. It is a wonderful option for many, but there are also lights that run on traditional wired circuits for houses set on large acreage properties.

Another aspect of classic Landscape Lighting to consider when designing your plot of land is accent lights. Also known as spot lights, this type of illumination is especially useful for highLighting dramatic aspects of your garden. Most commonly used as a way to light up statutory work, these lights are now being used to draw the eye to natural landmarks such as trees or flower plots. Some homeowners choose to use accent lights for all of their outdoor Lighting, including Lighting walkways and garden paths as some models come on hinged bases that allow light heads to be moved in different positions.

Post Lighting is yet another classic Landscape Lighting element. The models vary from vintage Victorian era designs to simplistic modern options. Normally the light is housed in a square or cylindrical lantern placed on the top of a post known as a candelabra base. The materials used for these lights are generally a metal like bronze or copper. Many are fashioned to look like the post Lighting used when there was no electricity at all. However, nowadays it is not uncommon for these posts to require an electrician to wire them properly for use with your Landscape.

Alexander Sutton enjoys providing a convenient experience for others by helping people learn about top features and industry-best trends. For more information, please visit Classic Landscape Lighting.

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In the mid-1950's - over half a century ago - Dwight D. Eisenhower contacted Bill Locklin, an innovative local electrician, to provide Lighting for an outdoor party. Bill created the desired Lighting effects for the future president by placing tractor head lights inside coffee cans and hooking them up to a 12 volt car battery. Voila! The low voltage Landscape Lighting Industry was born. Since then, the evolution of Landscape Lighting products has been vast and varied.

These specialized fixtures and equipment run the gamut from inexpensive almost disposable plastic Lighting kits with lightweight plastic transformers available at the corner home improvement store, to very high end commercial grade fixtures made of durable and long-lasting materials such as brass, copper, stainless steel and marine grade aluminum with professional multiple tap transformers used by contractors and expert Lighting designers. Lighting design itself has also developed into a specialized field combing function and artistry to drive the Industry into increased awareness of Landscape Lighting as a décor feature as well as a safety function. Properly executed Lighting designs employ a large range of techniques to accomplish their purpose of adding security and ambiance to the property.
Each design should be as unique as the client being served. Some of these techniques may include sidewalk marking in the over-used "airplane runway" fashion most often used by Joe Homeowner, or the more artistic effects like moonLighting from trees to accomplish the same purpose of illuminating the pathway. The professional designer has a greater knowledge of light behavior creating up Lighting, silhouetting and spotLighting to feature an art piece or particular tree; or highLighting an interesting texture or wall color using wall washes. Changes in elevation can be more effectively pointed out with light using fixtures designed to accent the step rather than draw the eye to the source of the light.

Today's professional Lighting designers have thousands of different fixtures using hundreds of different lamps (light bulbs) with many different beam spreads available at their disposal making the possibilities nearly endless to add elements of safety and beauty to residential and commercial outdoor spaces. Fixtures as simple as a decorative path light with a small lamp that spreads light across a walkway to large floodlights with high intensity metal halide lamps intended to light up a 100' pecan tree are all available - and everything in between.

The new energy-conserving kid on the block, LED lights, can do almost anything, and are being developed and improved as quickly as they can be installed for use in almost any application designers can imagine. Landscape Lighting is no longer just a functional component at a home or commercial property. As hill country Texans we are blessed with a climate affording us the luxury of outdoor activity and leisure nearly year round.

Not only can exterior Lighting add a perceived value increase of 20%, but also adds actual value for the homeowner in the extended use of outdoor spaces for entertaining and relaxation. The Industry continues to grow as consumers have come to think of exterior Lighting as an expected amenity as significant to the property as their choice of materials, colors and the Landscape itself. As property owners seek to personalize their spaces, Landscape Lighting, with its myriad of choices, has become yet another option to consider in the pursuit of unique and beautiful applications.

Paul Gosselin is the president and chief luminary officer of NightScenes Landscape Lighting Professionals in Kingsland, TX. He currently serves as president of the Texas Chapter of the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals and also serves as vice president of the AOLP nationally. Paul is an international award winning Landscape Lighting designer who has traveled all over the United States to hone his craft including the world renowned Janet Lennox Moyer Landscape Lighting Institute in Troy, NY.


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With the rise in popularity of DIY home improvement projects, more homeowners have become interested in installing their own outdoor Lighting for their homes. However, there are many advantages to hiring a professional Landscape Lighting designer. For example, if you were to install your Lighting yourself, would you know what to do if something went wrong later? A good outdoor Lighting company knows that the installation of your Lighting fixtures is just the beginning, and will provide long-term support and assistance through a Maintenance Agreement.
Let's say you have a Lighting fixture mounted up in a tree -- do you really want to worry about having to change that bulb whenever it goes out? What if you accidentally cut some wiring with your shovel while gardening? Are you ready to dig up the wiring to repair the problem? With a Maintenance contract from a professional Landscape Lighting company, you will no longer have to worry about questions like these. The company's Maintenance crew will come to your home to replace burnt bulbs, repair broken fixtures, or correct any other problems you may be having with your Landscape Lighting.

Not every outdoor Lighting company will offer the same Maintenance contract, so be sure to ask about the details of the Agreement when you are looking at different companies. Not only will professional Landscape Lighting exceed your expectations for a beautifully illuminated home, but a professional Maintenance Agreement will help you enjoy your new outdoor Lighting without having to worry about the upkeep.

Walter Lee Davis is the owner of NightVision Outdoor Lighting, an Atlanta Landscape Lighting company. NightVision provides residential and commercial outdoor Lighting design, installation and Maintenance, as well as seasonal Christmas Lighting, and has installed Landscape Lighting in over 3500 homes in its 11 year history.

For more information, visit: http://www.nvLightingga.com/

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The beauty of your garden and lawn might be turning heads during the daytime, but once the sun is set it will likely never be noticed, and the lack of illumination may actually serve as a safety hazard for residents and visitors. If this is your situation, you could greatly benefit from the numerous advantages and appeal of exterior landscape lighting.

Outdoor path lighting is an important, and often overlooked, aspect for any well-planned lawn landscape. Aside from the added aesthetic quality it can bring, path lighting also contributes to the safety and well-being of everyone in the home. Additionally, with adequate lighting you would be able to easily identify unwanted strangers during the night hours.

Many people hold back when considering the purchase of garden lighting equipment for fear that the installation would cost them an arm and a leg. To help you explore the available options, here are some of the most popular path lighting products available:

Solar Path Lights

Concerned about your electric bill and want to steer toward something a bit greener? With solar lights, all you would ever need is the sun to power your new lighting setup. Solar panels gather energy from the sun and store it in solar batteries. This gives you the benefit of charging the batteries during the daytime when lighting is not needed. Solar path lights may come at higher initial cost but the long term savings will make up the difference very quickly, making this an excellent option.

Low Voltage Path Lights

Cast a glow on your garden and walkways with low-voltage lights, a simple but effective improvement that can make a huge difference in the safety and security of your home as well as how it looks after dusk. These types of lights are primarily designed for people who do not want to invest in more expensive solar lighting and still prefer to keep the power bill in check. These are usually installed along walkways, steps, and driveways, pointing up at trees, walls, and fences. This lighting option comes at very affordable prices.

LED Path Lights

Popularly known for their bright lighting, LED path lights are one of the cost-effective ways of lighting up your yard. LED lights tend to consume less electricity when compared to standard light bulbs. They are also considered more durable as these bulbs do not get busted easily and tend to last much longer. LED light bulbs are sometimes equipped with the convenience of a remote control, and some even have scheduling features allowing them to be activated and deactivated at specified times.

Outdoor landscape lighting comes in all manner of styles, shapes, sizes and functions. But what are the main benefits of installing such a lighting system?

Security for Residents

Path lighting ensures that your walkways and driveway are illuminated in low light or at night, allowing you to spot trespassers and identify anyone approaching your home. Exterior lighting is also a great threat-deterrent, as many potential thieves will steer clear in fear of being exposed to anyone nearby or inside the home.

Accident Prevention

Exterior landscape lighting fixtures will allow family, friends and other visitors to clearly see where they are walking when approaching your home. Many accidents are caused by tripping on a crack in concrete or on stairs, or slipping, all of which can be prevented with the increased visibility of path lighting.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aside from safety and security, path lighting can give your garden and other landscape features that extra touch at night. The natural appeal of a lighted landscape brings out the beauty of your plant life, and home exterior, during all hours of the night when it would ordinarily not be seen.

Kostas Menegakas is the owner and manager of Landscapes R Us, a local and regional landscape design company based in High Point, NC.

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Lighting can make all the difference to your outdoors. You must have noticed the dramatic effects that light can add to your interiors, the same is true for the exteriors of your home too. Landscape lighting ideas can be a real mood creator. Lighting if chosen and placed right can make your home look incredibly beautiful and elegant. Sitting out in your beautiful garden in the evening with your favorite drink, family and friends is a truly wonderful experience. Lighting would only add to the experience and make it one that you look forward to every single day. Your home is a place that you love to spend time in, making the right choices can add a great deal to the quality of your life, making a compromise here is not worth it.

Landscaping can make the ultimate difference to your home and it is landscape lighting ideas that bring out the beauty of the design ideas by highlighting and bringing out the best in them. If you have every admired a home while driving down in the night then it surely is for the effects that the landscape lighting has created. You surely would wish that your home too is one that is admired by all and one that you enjoy every moment.

A little thought is all that you need to create the right effects that would make you, the home maker, truly proud of your prized possession. It is important that you decide on what you need before setting out to make the purchase. Landscape lighting ideas not only contribute to the decorative aspect of your home but also serve practical purposes like safety. With lights around, it makes it possible to use the garden space and enjoy with family and friends. Entertaining too is possible and thus, you not only have a beautiful garden that adds to the beauty of your home but are also able to use it for all that you wish to do.

Lighting of different kinds are available for the outdoors. The lighting that you use can be of different types depending on the specific need, from the fixed light fixtures, hanging lights to those that light the pathway. With landscaping done, the lighting would enable you to highlight the beautiful areas of your garden and bring out the very best. A good choice and effort at lighting can lend a magical touch to your home and make it one that you are proud of. Make an informed decision and it is bound to make every moment spent in your home filled with joy and pleasure.

The interest of creating a beautiful landscape garden in front of your house enhance the look of your house. So you can collect all the creative data from Best Landscape Ideas.

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Homeowners love the aesthetic effect of landscape lighting, but many would also like to conserve energy for environmental or financial reasons. Limiting energy use reduces dependency on fossil fuels, and also lowers electricity bills. Fortunately, technological developments have made it so that you can enjoy beautiful landscape lighting without having to worry about wasting electricity.

One way to conserve energy is to use low voltage products. Low voltage lighting reduces incoming voltage so that the units end up using only 12 volts, about a tenth of the normal voltage. As a result, your energy bill will be considerably lower with these products installed than it would be if you used normal voltage lighting. Using low voltage lighting will not limit your design options - low voltage outdoor lighting is available in a variety of styles.

Another method for saving electricity outdoors is to use timed or motion-activated devices to ensure that your landscape lighting is on only as much as it is needed. Motion-activated lights are especially useful for areas such as steps, where outdoor lighting is primarily a safety feature rather than an aesthetic enhancement. Motion-sensors are also useful for an area such as a backyard, which cannot be seen from the street, but still need to be illumined when people are using this space.

There are many practical options that will allow you to illuminate your home with outdoor lighting while still conserving electricity. If you are looking into landscape lighting for your home, be sure to ask your outdoor lighting company about energy efficient lighting options.

Walter Lee Davis is the owner of NightVision Outdoor Lighting, an Atlanta landscape lighting company. NightVision provides residential and commercial outdoor lighting design, installation and maintenance, as well as seasonal Christmas lighting, and has installed landscape lighting in over 3500 homes in its 11 year history.

For more information, visit: http://www.nvlightingga.com/

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