With properly installed Landscape Lighting, you can greatly change the look and atmosphere of your outdoor spaces. This is a great way to increase the safety, function and look of your entire yard. Many people choose to start with just one flowerbed, tree or outdoor living area. Regardless of the size of your Lighting project, there are many options and Lighting packages available. While it may be tempting to do it all yourself with a DIY Lighting kit, you should also consider having your Landscape Lighting professionally installed by a licensed electrician. Professionally installed Landscape Lighting often looks better and lasts longer than its DIY counterparts. Using DIY Lighting Kits You can find DIY Landscape Lighting kits at nearly every store in town. They are available in a range of styles, sizes and levels of quality. In general, this route is much cheaper than having your Lighting installed by an electrician. The tradeoffs, however, can be greater than you think. Unless you go with a very high-end Lighting kit, most DIY kits will be nowhere near the quality of the lights that an electrician will use. As a result, your lights will wear quicker, leading to a shorter lifespan and diminished aesthetic value. Furthermore, many DIY kits leave you with unsightly wires, converter boxes and other items that will not exist in a professional installation. Professionally Installed Landscape Lighting Landscape Lighting is not typically the first thing that you think of when you think about the services that are provided by the typical electrician. Many electricians, however, specialize in the installation of great-looking, long-lasting Landscape Lighting. Utilizing the services of an electrician means that you will have the utmost ability to customize exactly how you want your Landscape Lighting to look and function. This means that you can reach all of the hard-to-reach places, light all of your trees and ensure that your Lighting will not disturb any cars that are passing by. Most electricians use very high quality, metal fixtures that can use higher-output bulbs than their plastic counterparts. This means that your Lighting will function more efficiently than if you had gone with a plastic DIY kit. Furthermore, metal fixtures are sealed from the elements, giving them a much longer lifespan. In addition to accenting trees and showing off flowerbeds, Landscape Lighting also has a very functional purpose. If you have outdoor walkways, decks or other living spaces, well-placed Lighting can turn them into great places to be both day and night. Rather than stumbling around in your backyard at night, you can safely walk any paths, and enjoy company on your deck at all hours of the day. Because every home is different, a custom application can be very important to the overall look and function of your finished exterior Lighting project. Consider working with your electrician to make sure that everything works just the way you want it to.