Solar landscape lighting is one of the most versatile ways to make home improvements to your outdoor space. Many people think about how they may want to do landscape lighting in their yard, on their deck or patio, as well as along some dark walk way. The biggest problem is all the work involved in setting up the pattern, digging up the yard to bury the electrical lines, and all the other aspects.

With Solar landscape lighting, your ideas can become a reality without all that hard work. Numerous landscape lighting products utilize the energy from the sun to power them. There is no need to tear up the yard, and as long as the area has access to the sun, you can place them just about anywhere. While many of these are self contained, some of them have a separate solar panel, so as long as the panel has access to the sun, the light can be positioned even in shady areas.

Here is how solar landscape lighting systems work. Let's take a standard landscape lighting product like a stake light. These are lights that are mounted on a garden stake that you can push into the ground to light up a dark path. A solar model would have a small solar panel mounted into the cover of the light. During the day, the panel would absorb light, storing the electrical energy in an integrated battery. When the sun went down, the light would use this stored energy. The lights that are used today are not the same ones from just a few years ago. They are LED bulbs, which put out an intense light, but use 20% of the energy as a regular bulb. With these bulbs, your light will be on longer, sometimes up to ten hours.

Today you can also get solar landscape lighting products for just about any project you can think of. If you are interested, there are many different websites. You can choose from stake lights, post lights, and even light strings. In addition, you can also find a wide variety of different solar products for outdoor use, fountains, pond pumps, and even sprinkler systems.

Using solar landscape lighting can raise the value of your home in two ways. Good home improvements can always raise property values. Using these kinds of landscape lighting products saves you money on your utility bills, because you aren't drawing from your home power grid. Big factor when or if you want to sell your home. It also addresses environmental issues, the electricity is made from clean, renewable energy from the sun.

Prices on solar landscape lighting depend on how sophisticated the light is whether it has the solar panel built in or on a separate cable, as well the style of the landscape lighting. You can get large antique solar lamp posts for around thirty dollars at some outlets. You want to find a company that sells many different kinds, and one that offers free shipping on the products you order. Make sure that each and every one is Underwriter's Laboratories listed, and comes with some kind of warranty, whether it is from the manufacturer, or the retailer.